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Days of our Lives: Weekly Preview from Denial Island

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Hey Days fans, ready for another scintillating week of Days of our Lives?  I’m still catching up on last week’s episodes, I’m afraid, had trouble finding motivation to watch.  BUT what I did see I enjoyed, surprisingly.  NuJohn (Jawn) is continually proving to be my source of entertainment when I watch the show, and coupled with the BFF scenes between Nicole and Ava, everything else almost blurs into the background… for me anyway.  Anyhoo, here’s the preview for this upcoming week, June 16 – 20.

Max and his Dad

Grumpy butt Max turns all teenage delinquent on the Dean Trent Robbins this week, busting into his hotel room and going through his stuff.  He only manages to make half a big mess before Trent returns; Max escapes, but with more questions than answers, finding a picture of a mysterious girl (maybe this RUMORED sister of his).  Later in the week Max returns to the scene of the crime and unbeknownst to him, Stephanie follows and finally learns the truth behind Max's dislike of the man - Trent is his biological father, who abandoned him as a child.  Confronting him, Max demands answers from Trent about the person in the picture, why Trent abandoned him as a child and what happened to his mother.


Lucas appears to think he can make any demand he wants in DiMansion, telling Sami that someone has to move out (my money would be on him since he doesn’t have DiMera in his surname last I checked), but like the good Stepford wife that Sami is returning to, she tells EJ that it has to be him. WHAT THE?  Come on people, this is EJ’s family’s home, if anyone should leave… well, I think you know who I vote off the island.  Fortunately for me, Jawn sees it my way and allows EJ to stay.  Doesn’t stop EJ from having a smooch with Nicole though... for the love of the soap gods, please someone explain to me why EJ is still kissing Nicole, when he's been mooning over Sami for pretty much the entire time he has been on the show???


Jawn and Marlena appear to have reached a stalemate in the rekindling of their romance, especially now that Marlena realises that Ava is in the picture.  With Hope telling her to not to give up and Jawn saying the opposite, I reckon poor Marlena didn’t spend enough time in Colorado with Eric thinking things over – or maybe she was there a little too long (long enough for Ava anyway).  Fear not Jarlena fans, Jawn feels bad for hurting Marlena and tries to make amends by inviting her out for dinner – is this a mercy date though or is there really hope?  From the looks of it, this is not a good sign; Marlena leaves thinking that maybe divorce is the best option.


Say buh-bye to Paul Hollingsworth this week, Morgan’s Daddy has finally become a liability, and finds himself disposed of in the river by the end of the week.  SPOILERS have Philip giving orders to shut Paul up for good, so this, of course, is most likely a red herring and someone else offs him LOL.  On the upside, we’ll see Morgan and Philip share their first kiss this week – awww – but is Philip taking advantage of the Southern Sorority Queen, who is distraught over her father?  Or is it maybe a bit of guilt?

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Kate needs to have surgery but she ain’t letting Daniel anywhere near her body without dinner and drinks first LOL nah, not really, but she does not want Daniel performing the surgery on her – why?  I don’t know, like I said, I never finished watching last week's episodes, maybe she thinks he's too distracted mooning over her granddaughter... stay tuned this week and we'll find out together.

In Other, Shorter Storylines:

  • Chloe spends most of the week angry or warning Morgan off her meal ticket Philip.
  • The slow build up to Theo’s autism storyline reveal continues with Lexie sharing her parental fears with Kate (of all people)
  • Daniel and Chelsea decide to do the date thing and then Chelsea tells Morgan all about it (…and?... so?)

Coming Up Next Week:

  • Morgan gets her angry on towards Jawn
  • Jawn finds out EJ has tricked Sami regarding the status of their marriage
  • Marlena "acquires" the disk with Jawn's memories on it

In a new twist this week, I thought I'd ask you all which storylines you are most looking forward to watching - for me, I want to keep watching Jawn, and if Ava and Nicole have any scenes together, I'll tune in for those too.  But what about you?  Don't forget, you can always join us in the Days of Our Lives section of the TFO Forums to discuss this weeks episodes or anything else Days related.

Which storyline are you most looking forward to this week?