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General Hospital Night Shift Spoilers & Scoops!

We dish so much GH and I tease a little Night Shift when I can but today a few RUMORS came across my screen that has forced me to give Night Shift it's very own spoiler post.  (Like I really need to be forced to give spoilers. LOL) 


Here's the Night Shift Scoop!

As you read here first, Antonio Sabato Jr. (Jagger Cates) is back and on Night Shift Jagger is RUMORED to come back to Port Charles with his son Stone and meet up with his brother's love, Robin.  RUMORS say Jagger's son could possibly be autistic.  What will Jagger be doing and will we see him on our TV screen in the middle of the afternoon?  While we don't know what brings Jagger back to Port Chuck, yet, we have heard he'll be a single father and may be able to provide some wisdom to Patrick. 

Patrick and Robin are once again the "main" characters on the spin off.
  Last season, Jason shared the headlining duties with the Docs.  This season, Steve Burton opted out but you may still see his name amongst the credits.  RUMBLINGS say he may sit in the director's chair for an episode or two. 

Back to ASJ... again it's not entirely clear what brings him back but there are RUMORS that Sam McCall may make a cameo on NS and she just may be hooking up with Jagger.  What about Jagger making the daytime timeslot?  Remember, the two shows are being run separately now.  A new Head Writer (Sri Rao) and a new Executive Producer (Lisa DeCazotte) joined the NS team.  Would that mean separate deals for any returning stars?  RUMORS say ASJ will reprise his role on both shows and that his return also includes a contract on GH.  Nothing official has been announced.

Who else may be returning?  Would you believe me if I told you Tristan Rogers?  RUMORS say Robin's pop may show up on Night Shift and reunite with his daughter once again. These  RUMORS go on to say that Tristan's deal could only be for NS as his last trip back to Port Charles left the actor a little disappointed in his material.  Did the new EP and HW make it more appealing for the veteran to return?

According to, both GH and NS will sync up this time.

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You can also expect continuity to totally synch with "General Hospital." Last season's breakneck production schedule meant that some events on "Night Shift" didn't synch up with what was happening on "General Hospital" (remember how Jason was in jail on "GH" but not on "Night Shift?"). Now the transition between the two shows will be seamless. But we should note that you don't have to watch "General Hospital" to get "Night Shift." It's just a very cool, extra treat if you watch both shows.

They also address the returns, notice plural, of fan favorites.

So what can we expect from season two? Look for returning characters from the first season, some new characters -- and most exciting, the return of some very familiar faces from "GH"'s past. We're obsessed with character returns, so this is, like, the best news ever.

I've been asking the same question over and over ever since the new HW and EP were announced. 
Who will have to sync up with who?  Has Guza been given orders or will Sri Rao have to work around Guza's storylines?  RUMBLINGS suggest that Bob Guza was told where certain characters needed to be by a certain date.  Obvioulsy the main characters, Robin and Patrick.  RUMORS have the couple everywhere from living together to married by the time NS debuts it's second season. 

Don't forget about the new characters joining Night Shift.  One of which sounds like it should be Dr. Leo Julian's brother.  RUMORS have attached Galen Gering (Luis, Passions) to the role BUT in an interesting twist, Galen could be a recast of Dr. Leo Julian.  ONLINE RUMBLINGS have had the Passion's hottie taking over the role. 


Who else may be popping in on the Night ShiftPretty much all GH'ers are fair game.  Especially the hospital staff.  Epiphany will defintely be there.