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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 06.16.08


Is Alexis skipping town?  After Anthony threatens her and more importantly Kristina, Alexis is blown off by both Sonny and Carly.  Ric continues to work for the crazy mobster and Jerry seems to be the only one on her side.  As we've been discussing for weeks now, Jerry and Alexis do have sex.  Literally everyone finds out especially those at the PCPD that day.  Jerry fills Alexis' office with flowers and Jax fights with his brother.  The Jacks brothers wind up in trouble as RUMORS have Jax calling Kate to bail him out.  What about Alexis skipping town?  Well when Anthony points out that Kristina could easily go missing from her summer camp, Alexis vacates her seat as DA and skips town to protect her children.  Nancy Lee Grahn is taking her summer vacation and this storyline is to explain Alexis' absence.  Nancy's vacay starts on the 20th and should last about three weeks. 

LuSam... the new Dynamic Duo?  First they head off to Mexico to help Luke and now I am seeing that Sam and Lucky come to Mike's aid.  He's about to be roughed up by someone on the docks and the DD stops it from happening.  Mike asks them not to say anything to Sonny but RUMORS say Sam heads to Sonny's and tells him his pops seems to be in trouble.


Carly and the possible bun in the oven...  Carly will start to have symptoms of pregnancy but is she actually preggers? RUMORS suggest that Mrs. Jacks may think she's pregnant but a doctor's visit tells her it's a false alarm.  Will Carly still use her symptoms to her advantage?

what's a former mob boss to do?  SPOILERS say Trevor has a proposal for the coffee importer.  Don't forget about an engagement to Kate.  Will the fashionista plan the wedding to end all weddings?  RUMORS say it may be a big affair that actually never happens.  Remember I told you about Carly vs. Kate and a possible blackmail?  Well it may all tie into Skate's nuptials with Carly holding all the cards.  As I mentioned, Kate will find out about the limo sex.  Eavesdropping is a favorite past time of PC residents and Kate is no exception.  She'll over hear the two discussing their tryst and try to use that against Carly.  With IR taking a leave, Carly needs something to do and ruining Kate seems to be a great way to pass the time. 

Speaking of Ingo...
is he staying? Is it just a very long vacation?  Nothing official has been reported.  Online RUMBLINGS say he is done with GH and the recent influx of Brenda RUMORS may play into this.  GET YOUR SALT BOULDERS people... RUMORS say IF Ingo leaves; the idea is to bring Vanessa Marcil on for a limited amount of episodes and have them leave together.  AGAIN, there is nothing official, just speculation.

Who kills Logan Hayes Baldwin?  All signs are pointing to Anthony but will Johnny be arrested for the murder? 

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Liason... What's still out there for my favorite couple?  I am still seeing that their screen time picks up towards the end of this month and into July.  RUMORS still have them moving in together.  How about more than the same old, same old?  RUMORS say Claudia goes hunting, through Jason's stuff and she just MAY find a picture of Elizabeth and Jake.  Claudia asks Elizabeth why Jason Morgan has a picture of her and her son.  Diane steps in and gets Claudia away from Elizabeth but this only makes Claudia more curious.  Why is a mob attorney jumping to a nurse's rescue?  Jason SHOULD be warning Elizabeth about Claudia before this happens.  When Spinelli brings him to GH, Liason is SUPPOSED to have some scenes together.

More Liason... what happens when Jake's paternity is revealed?  RUMORS say there is a custody fight but just for Cameron. What about the Q's?  The RUMORS go on to say that Jason's family supports him and Elizabeth and their new heir. 

Claudia, Claudia, Claudia... her marriage is coming and I am still seeing that Ric is the groom.  How does Anthony want her to prove her loyalty?  SUPPOSEDLY by killing Jason Morgan. 

Johnny working for Jason?  That RUMOR is still out there 


NightShift... who has to sync up with who?  Will Guza have to have all his ducks in a row for the NS team or will the NS team have to play by Guza's rules?

Fanfic or SPOILER?
You be the judge.  Is Dr. Matt Hunter, Spinelli's cousin?

Finola's coming back is Ian too?  RUMORS say Ian Buchanon is going to film some scenes along side his former flame Anna Devane.  You may still need your salt boulder from earlier.