2008 Creative Arts Emmy Winners



On Thursday, June 14th, The Creative Arts Emmy Awards were held. The Emmys presented at the ceremony honor the technical aspect of daytime television. Outstanding Achievement in Lighting, Casting, and Music in Drama Series were all categories appearing on the ballot. All nine soaps were nominated for awards. Passions was the only soap to not receive at least one award. The final breakdown is as follows:

All My Children1 Win

As the World Turns2 Wins

Bold and the Beautiful
1 Win

Days of Our Lives
1 Win

General Hospital
1 Win

Guiding Light
2 Wins

One Life to Live
4 Wins


Young and the Restless
1 Win

One Life to Live cleaned house with a well deserved 4 wins. Hopefully, the show can repeat at the real deal this Friday. Be sure to check out the complete list of categories and winners.