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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Why is Jerry still walking around alive? He stabbed and practically drowned the mob boss’ daughter/sister and yet, nothing happened to him. Anthony might sometimes threaten Claudia’s life on a daily basis, but I’m sure he would have been seriously pissed to find out that someone tried to kill her.

Hate this whiny Alexis they’ve got going on. She’s a freakin’ Cassadine, she should be stronger than they’re portraying her. First, all weepy with Carly, practically begging her to help, and then with Anthony, being all scared. I really wish, when Anthony threatened Kristina, that Alexis would have made mention that she’s not someone he should mess with. What’s the point of making her a Cassadine if she’s not going to use it and open a can of whoop asss on someone who deserves it.

Sonny’s behaving like a twelve year old who’s lost his Nintendo privileges. Stop sulking you child. Having said that, I didn’t appreciate both Carly and Jason showing up with the boy’s Father’s Day presents. That just seemed to be more brutal than necessary. But any sympathy I was feeling for him quickly disappears, every time he verbally abuses Spinelli. It’s like watching someone kick a sick puppy.

Loved the Scrubs stuff and Mac’s concern. Almost felt bad for Patrick, but then he got all pouty about what Mac said, instead of realizing the truth behind the words and manning up. But how can Mac hire a nurse, who’s already got a job, to be a personal nurse?

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Loved the Spinelli/Claudia scenes. Looked like SBr was trying hard not to laugh and then the silliness of her trying to put Spin on her back to carry him home was cute.