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General Hospital-Perkie's Observations

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Jerry/Alexis: At first I was annoyed that she would leave with him and hook up with him, considering how she goes on and on about her daughters not being safe, but really, if Kristina isn’t safe because she’s Sonny’s daughter and Anthony made that perfectly clear, then who better to have on Alexis’ side than the local sociopath who shoots people randomly. Really, at least Alexis has someone on her side, who might actually mean it when he says he’ll do anything to protect her children. Eh, it’s crumbs, but I’ll take ‘em where I can get ‘em. Plus, Alexis hasn’t been allowed to have sex in a very, very long time.

Lucky/Sam: cute stuff and is it just me of does GV just seem so much lighter and happier in this storyline, what little there is of it. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the writers mess it up, but again, I’ll take the crumbs where I can.

CarJax/Skate: Eh, I’m tired of all of them right now.

Lulu/Johnny/Maxie: Here’s how I heard that conversation today:

Maxie: My little sister was murdered and I’m very sad.

Johnny: I feel for you

Lulu: Screech, shriek, shriek, Johnny, mine, shriek, screech, shriek.

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Jason/Spin/Claudia: Loved that Claudia called Jason out on his constant yelling at poor Spinelli and informed him that he isn’t a proper friend or big brother to the jackal.

However, that quarantine story came out of nowhere, didn’t it? Could they not have taken their time setting it up a little bit better? Make the pizza guy look sickly. Have the pizza place call to tell them not to eat the pizza, even though they would have done so already. Have the authorities show up to inform them that there’s an outbreak of “Pizza Delivery Influenza” roaming around. Then have the guys in yellow suits show up with the quarantine sign. Geez, it could be an interesting story, just stop it from going at warp speed.