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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 06.17.08


OH NO... here we go again.  Carly will think she is preggers and so will Jax when she has a bit of nausea.  BUT that's not even the OH NO part.  Carly consults Diane who informs her that Sonny signed away his rights to Michael and Morgan, not any children they may have in the future.  Sonny gets wind of the possible bun in the oven and questions Carly who of course lies.  Here's the OH NO part...are you ready?  She tells Sonny that IF she's pregnant, he's not the father, Jason is!  Since her lie all those years ago worked out so well {insert sarcasm here} she figures it can work again.  She goes to Jason who tells her to tell the truth and Sonny goes to Jax to tell him to get a paternity test.  Remember, RUMORS speculate that Carly will not be pregnant but pregnant or not, the damage is done.  Look for this to help Jax out of town and possibly end Carly and Jax. 

Sonny pops the question, again, but this time Kate says yes.  
So after saying yes, what's the next step?  A pre-nup!  To Kate, you don't get married without one and if my memory serves me correct {help me out Tina}, Sonny has never had one.  They'll fight over it but once that's cleared up, Kate starts planning the wedding to end all weddings.  Is this what Sonny wants?

Again, I ask, Who Kills Logan Hayes Baldwin?  The latest is that Lulu kills him in self defense.  We know that Lulu plays a role in Logan's upcoming storyline.  He wants her away from the Zacchara's, especially now that he's seen ZaCrazy up close and personal.  Is his storyline just his death?  Not sure.  First the RUMORS had a rape story happening with Claudia coming to Lu's rescue.  Then it was Anthony that kills him to prove to the new DA, Scotty, he better play by his rules.  NOW, it's Lulu who offs her former flame.  I'm confused, my head hurts.  One thing I am seeing that should play out is that Logan's body is dumped in front of Nikolas' clinic.  Someone obviously covers up the crime, the question is who and who are they covering for?

Claudia is getting married but will she sleep with another man first? 
RUMORS say Claudia and Nikolas hit the sheets.  They definitely kiss again.

Scrubs drama... the legal stuff is supposed to be funny.  It ends with them together and possibly cohabitating.  Remember, they are SUPPOSED to be a solid couple by the time Night Shift airs.  There will be a lot of misunderstandings and typical Scrubs bickering.  Throw Diane and Alexis into the mix and it should be hysterical.  Some are suggesting that it'll ruin Robin a bit.  Robin finds out that Patrick consulted Diane so she goes to Alexis. 

I told you Leyla's mom is not done yet. 
RUMORS say she shows up at GH and makes a beeline for Patrick.  Apparently Nurse Nadine tips off Mrs. Mir by telling her Patrick broke Leyla's heart.  Does Leyla play into Scrubs' storyline?  Of course!  Robin is at a point where she trusts Patrick and is ready to let him be an active part of her pregnancy and the baby's life.  When Mrs. Mir confronts Patrick, he's pissed.  He'll tell Leyla to stop with the fantasy love stories she's telling her mom.  Robin sees the two in a heated discussion and remembers why she stopped trusting him. 

I mentioned Alexis on the run with her girls yesterday.
  This will be Nancy Lee Grahn's vacation storyline.  What about Jerry?  Sebastian Roche will also be taking a vacay.  His exit story is that he will go looking for Alexis.

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