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One Live to Live Casts Star's Entire Family

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Talk about bring your family to work day! One Life to Life star Robert S. Woods (Bo) is going to have doubled the fun when the 40th anniversary episode of the show tapes, due to his wife and son making an onscreen appearance.


Entertainment Weekly online reports that Woods’s real life wife and son will be seen on your tubes starting July 21 during a storyline that centers on Bo and Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier). Woods’s wife Loyita who longtime OLTL fans may remember played Blaze when the show did a stint of a Wild Wild West storyline that was set in 1888 and also as Dallas, girlfriend of elder brother Clint. Now Mrs. Woods’s slated to play Dallas and Renee, who happens to be the deceased Asa’s (Phil Carey) wife while the junior Woods Tanner, will play a younger Bo at the end of the story.

*Whew!* Lot to take in huh?

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"I'm sentimental about it all. I think he’s going to wear my old uniform. My old beret,'' says Woods — a Vietnam vet and former Green Beret. ''If I can dig it out. And if the moth holes don’t read on camera.''

Word is that Bo and little buddy  Rex are are struck by lightning and wake up in 1968,  coincidentally that happens to be the year OLTL was first broadcasted. went on the air. Bo comes to and finds that he's actually his Pa, while Rex ends up being Bo.

''I don't have to mimic Philly or try to be him,'' Woods says of his former on-screen dad. ''Everybody sees me as Asa except the audience and J.P., so we have asides to one another.''

As a re-converted fan of OLTL, I can't wait to see how this plays out!