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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!


Here's the Scoop! 06.18.08

Dr. Matt Hunter checks in to General Hospital! 

Look for Jason Cook to start airing on the 26th. 

Daddy is hitting Night Shiftand Mommy returns to General Hospital.  Finola Hughes returns to kick off her summer storyline.  RUMORS are swirling that certain requests were made when Finola Hughes dropped out of her Y&R stint.  These RUMORS say that during her sit down with TPTB, she pitched a few ideas that included the return of some classic GH characters.  Did she get her request?  It looks like that may be as RUMORS say Ian Buchanon may be back.  Will he be Duke Lavery in a ghostly sense?  Anna is scheduled to return on the 27th.


Sonny and Kate get engaged and talk about having a family.  Is the fashionista willing or wanting to slow her career down a bit to have a family with the former mob boss?  Is Sonny able to have more children? RUMORS say the most fertile man in Port Charles may not be able to have more children.  EARLY RUMORS had Sonny wanting a family with Kate and Kate not willing or not capable of having children.  I am still seeing that while the pair get engaged, they may not actually get hitched. Secrets are RUMORED to come out that puts a stop to the nuptials.

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What brings Claudia and Johnny to the PCPD?  Is it tied to Logan's death?  Lulu should be there as well.  Tracey is RUMORED to visit Johnny in the slammer.  Also in store for JoLu... despite agreeing to take Maxie out on a date, Lulu and Johnny have a sun filled afternoon together. 


Speaking of Claudia, we still have that pesky marriage coming up.  RUMORS are popping up that it's a shotgun wedding (most MOC's are) and I am still seeing Ric Lansing as the groom. 

I mentioned Logan wanting Lulu away from Johnny thanks to his up close and personal look into ZaCrazy's life.  Now, SPOILERS say Logan finds something out about the Z's that convinces him more than ever that Lulu needs to be far, far away from Johnny Zacchara.

Jerry takes Anthony to task... for threatening Alexis.

Spinelli is still on a quest... to become a new man.

LuSam... Sam shoots a snake while camping with Lucky.  The pair return to Port Chuck and they may discuss living together once again.  There are still RUMBLINGS of a break-up for these two.  RUMORS say Sam is still a little insecure where Elizabeth is concerned.  She isn't convinced that IF Liz ever wanted Lucky back, that Lucky wouldn't jump at the chance.

Liason... their scenes should pick up.  They're supposed to have one on the 23rd where they discuss Jason's "new " job" and RUMORS have a brief encounter at GH when Spinelli brings Jason in.  July is SUPPOSED to be a good month for Liason fans.  Time will tell...