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General Hospital: Calling Denise Alexander!

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Nikolas has his heart set on funding and opening a Free Clinic in Emily's name. The idea is not bad, it simply is not original, either. The original Free Clinic was first opened by Dr. Lesley Williams-Faulkner. This was Laura Webber's mothers name when she was married to millionaire Cameron Faulkner who became obsessed with her, she was forced to kill Cameron protecting herself from him and she found out that he had bankrupted himself stalking her and all she had left was the Free Clinic he built her on the docks. 

Lesley, as always portrayed by superb daytime veteran performer Denise Alexander,  is Nikolas' grandmother... follow me for a minute....

The prudent use of show history would suggest that Lesley Webber might be a good choice as some one to participate in this storyline. She has experience in obtaining all of those licenses and permissions to open and run the clinic that Mayor Floyd was breaking wind about this week. and that's just one of the reasons that it makes perfect sense for the good doctor; Mrs. Rick Webber to be in on this one!

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The Free Clinic that she opened was featured heavily in storylines throughout the 1970's and 1980's. Tony Jones earned his medical license back after he kidnapped Micheal Morgan and Robin Scorpio when he went to his dark place after his daughter BJ's death and subsequent seduction and annihilation by Carly. Using the legacy of that Free Clinic now would make Nikolas' working to get it open and rededicating it to Emily so much more relevant to the long term fans. 

Denise Alexander, Jackie Zeman, Leslie Charleson, all the hospital staff could be incorporated into this story. The fans would love it. The history of the show would be honored, the veterans still in the cast would be given some interesting work to do and it might get them interacting with each other in a way that would satisfy the viewers. Veteran characters such John J. York's Mac Scorpio could be used in this storyline as well and perhaps the viewers would embrace it even more. 

Just a thought.