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It's Officially Official, Antonio Sabato Jr. Joins Night Shift!


Jagger Cates is back in Port Charles! 
Daytimeconfidential has been scooping this for quite some time and now official word has been released.  Antonio Sabato Jr. has joined the cast of Night Shift.  According to TVGuide, Sabato will appear on all 13 episodes.  They also confirm the addition of Jagger's son, Stone, named after his brother and great love of Dr. Robin Scorpio. 

Jagger's return to Port Charles is sure to stir up some painful memories for Dr. Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough), who's got Dr. Patrick Drake's (Jason Thompson) baby in the oven. Jagger's brother, Stone, was her first love and his death from AIDS shattered her life. Jagger also returns with his 5-year-old son, named for his late brother.

Also joining the cast, Tristan Rogers, who reprises the role of Robert Scorpio.  There is no word on either actor turning up on General Hospital although RUMORS said Jagger may be spending sometime in the daytime.  It appears that Tristan will only be on Night Shift

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