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One Life to Live: Big Returns for the Big 4-0!

We've been singing his praises,but does Ron Carlivati have something up his sleeve that will have One Life to Live fans singing from their rooftops? 


RUMORS are going crazy over a possible return of James DePaiva and his fan favorite character Max Holden. Fans of OLTL know that Ron C. has tapped James DePaiva to return in the past and hey, who wouldn't want to come to work with his wife?

Will a certain female character return as well?  Are Max and Gabrielle (played by Fiona Hutchison) returning together?  Will the fans learn that the thought dead Gabrielle is alive and well and in Argentina with Max? So many questions, so little answers as this is said to be Ron C's big 40th Anniversary surprise.

More Spoilers!  Here's the Scoop!

Tess is back... Jessica's other personality Tess makes a reappearance due to Jess' grief over losing her husband.  At the funeral, Jessica unleashes on her sister, Natalie and Jared.   Will Tess/Jess lose Nash's baby?  Will Natalie wind up pregnant with Jared's child?

Starr wants Marcie to adopt her baby.  Cole is furious with Starr for even thinking of giving their child away. SPOILERS say Cole goes to Nora to see what rights he has as the father.  

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Todd serves Blair with divorce papers.  Blair is shocked to be served with papers.  No surprise here, Todd lies to Marty.  A little bit of truth, alot of crap all to stick it to John.

Sarah sees Tina.  Mother and daughter are reunited just in time for Sarah to ask Cristian for help hiding her mom.

Carlo Hesser returns to Llanview on the 27th.  In a re-do of a fan favorite storyline, Tina watches as Carlo sends Sarah over a waterfall.  Is Talia Carlo's daughter?  RUMORS say she might be.

Who else is returning?  SPOILERS say Tina's ex-husband, Cord! 

Bo and Rex struck by lightning...and time warped back to 1968, the very year OLTL hit the airwaves.

Viki's going to heaven, for a bit.  Yet another way for fan favorites to return to help celebrate One Life to Live's 40th Anniversary.  Asa, Ben and Erin Torpey (the original Jessica) all appear in heaven. Erin will be playing Megan's baby that died and will guide her grandmother through heaven.  It was a quick fix when Jessica Tuck had to bow out of reprising her role as Megan, Viki's late daughter.  Also appearing in heaven, the angel that is Agnes Nixon.  Who or what has Viki knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door?  RUMORS say it's because of Tess who tampers with Natalie's car. 


Blind RUMOR... a certain female character may lose it's portrayer.  RUMORS say a few actresses are being tested for the role.

Memo to GH:
Too bad you skipped over the 45th Anniversary with only a mere mention.  Something like this would have been fantastic for the GH Faithful.

Thanks to Tina, our wonderful ABC Podcaster and OLTL Spoiler Queen!