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Guiding Light: Missed Opportunities

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How many times while watching Guiding Light have you wondered what if? What if Harley found out Cyrus slept with Cassie? Would she cut him loose or cut loose on Cassie? I ask myself questions like this everyday about Guiding Light's storylines. Many stories start out with great potential but end up being ruined by missed opportunities. The show is littered with them. I feel like it's about time some of these missed opportunities come into the light.


Missing Characters: Where in the Guiding Light is Mel, Rick, Beth, Alexandra, the children, and a number of other characters? I know all aforementioned people are on recurring status, but that doesn't mean they have to disappear off the face of the show. These characters are hardly even talked about. It's such a shame. I think the missing character that has the most storyline potential is Alex. She really needs to be included in the Spaulding takeover story. I just know that if Alex was around she'd be giving Dinah pure hell for living in the Spaulding Mansion. I can just imagine what would happen if Alex saw Dinah wearing her mothers jewelry. It would be on and cracking. Also, why isn't Alex apart of this grand scheme to get the mansion back? Not utilizing one of Springfield's top villains is leaving a big void in the Spaulding takeover story.

Ashlee's Weight Problems: This story kind of came out of nowhere. Ashlee was happy, for all we knew, and then all of a sudden she's depressed about her weight to the point where she gets surgery. Nevertheless, the story started out great. It had tons of potential. Then it disappeared. How are we supposed to really understand what Ashlee is going through if she's never on screen? That's my biggest beef with this story: lack of airtime. I feel like GL really missed the boat when it comes to expressing Ashlee's feelings. Yes, there have been a few scenes of her talking about her weight but not nearly enough for people to invest in the story. The story would have been better if Ashlee was truly obsessing over her weight. For example, we see her over exercising, skipping meals, or looking at those ridiculously skinny magazine models. That would have given this story more depth. Also, what about Ashlee pushing Coop away a lot of the time? It would have been nice to have some kind of insight into Coop's feelings about this. This story is just another example of a real life heath story that's been screwed up by the GL writers.

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Buzz/Lillian/Doris: Buzz and Lillian are a couple we never see. I know that the actress who plays Lillian, Tina Sloan, is on recurring status and as a result is not on the show as much. However, that doesn't give the show an excuse to not show an established, well liked couple for months on end. I remember a scene from a month or two ago where Lillian basically told Doris to stay away from Buzz. What ever happened to Doris treading on Lillian’s territory aka Buzz? Think of the catfights Doris and Lillian could have had. Lillian was quite the spitfire in her day and could take on the feisty Doris in a minute. I know I would have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Doris try to wheel and deal her way into Buzz's heart. Having Doris fall for Buzz would have been a great way to flesh out her character. I feel like if anyone could change Doris, it's Buzz. It would have also been great to see Buzz fight his feelings for Doris while trying to be faithful to Lillian. I'm usually not a fan of triangles, especially on this show, but in this case I can't help myself. The chemistry between these three strong actors is something that needs to be further explored. GL needs get this story off the backburner, quick.


Harley: In my opinion, Harley's last few months on Guiding Light all together were a missed opportunity. First of all, her panic attacks. Wouldn't it have been better to see Harley lose her mind, be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and sent to Ravenwood instead of watching her steal Cyrus from Marina? Beth Ehlers would have knocked it out of the park playing a whacked out Harley in Ravenwood. I think it would have gotten her that Emmy she deserves. Another missed story for Harley has to be the reveal of Cyrus' infidelity. Is Harley ever going to find out her newest flavor of the town slept with her best friend? I would love to see what Harley would do to both Cyrus and Cassie. Harley finding out the truth has the potential of killing two birds with one stone. By that, I mean ending two of the show's unpopular couples. It would have been great. The last missed Harley story I'm going to touch on has to do with Marina. Will Harley ever find out that Marina is ultimately the root of all her financial woes? I mean Marina was the one who called Cyrus' ex and cost Harley $100,000. Don't get me wrong. Marina had every reason to do it and Harley had it coming but that still doesn't make it right. I just have to wonder what kind of effect it would have had on Harley. I guess I won't find out anytime soon.

Vanessa/Billy: I thought for sure the writers were going in the direction of reuniting Vanessa and Billy when they shared a kiss a few months back. I should have known better. Since Billy kissed Vanessa, have they been in a scene together? Was the kiss even mentioned after it happened? The chemistry between these two actors is undeniable. Having them fall in love again would have done two things: Get two Guiding Light vets back on the front burner where they belong and give us a couple to root for. Is that too much to ask for?

Couples: In a way, every couple in the past year has been a missed opportunity. I say this because no one stays together long enough to see if what they have is "real". Honestly, are there any truly happy couples on this show? It's possible to argue that Jeffrey and Reva are but for how long. Couples on this show are ripped apart and thrown together with other people so fast it makes my head spin. When is the last time an actual true love story was told on Guiding Light? It’s been entirely too long. I'm sick and tired of seeing everyone in Springfield play musical partners. It's time that the show starts building real relationships for their couples. This way, there is a chance we as fans can have a couple to root for. That's just what this show needs right now: a go to couple.