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Daytime Confidential Top 20


Welcome to Daytime Confidential's first ever Top 20 soap star ranking. Since this is the first time we've published the DC Top 20 you may be wondering what it's all about and how this list was determined.

The DC Top 20 is based on the raw data of Daytime Confidential from May 15, 2008 - June 15, 2008 and will be published after the fifteenth of each month in the future. It is not subjective or based on the preferences of any Daytime Confidential contributor. Each and every one of the stars that made the list has done so because you, our loyal readers and listeners, have determined it through the use of Daytime Confidential.

Needless to say our results generated some surprising appearances and even more surprising omissions. Any soap star, past or present, is eligible to make the list. Every TV network is represented and their shows eligible. Whether or not a star appears on the list is determined by the interests of visitors and not a subjective requirement that each show be represented.



  • No. 20: Nadia Bjorlin - Days of Our Lives
  • No. 19: Debbie Morgan - All My Children
  • No. 18: Brandon Barash - General Hospital
  • No. 17: Dylan Cash - General Hospital
  • No. 16: Natalia Livingston - General Hospital
  • No. 15: Jason Thompson - General Hospital
  • No 14: Maurice Bernard - General Hospital
  • No 13: Farah Fath - One Life to Live
  • No 12: Katherine Kelly Lang - Bold & Beautiful
  • No. 11: Kirsten Storms - General Hospital


No. 10: Rebecca Herbst - General Hospital - Elizabeth Webber

With the legion of Liason and Liz fans online it is not surprising that Rebecca Herbst ranks so high among Daytime Confidential readers and listeners. With rumors of a possible marriage between Rebecca's Elizabeth and Steve's Jason it would not be surprising to Herbst on the list next month.


No. 09: Ambyr Childers - All My Children

All My Children's Ambyr Childers gave us probably the most shocking appearance on the DC Top 20. Don't get us wrong. We loved her as Colby Chandler but we never guessed she had a big enough following to make the list, let alone a Top 10 spot. Kudos to her for developing such a loyal fan base in such a short time.


No. 08:  Forbes March - One Life to Live

There have been various reports that even though he was let go from One Life to Live's Forbes March was one of the shows most popular actors when it came to mail counts (volume of snail mail he received). It is not surprising then, that in the month when his character was killed off, that he would rank so high in interest to Daytime Confidential listeners and readers.


No. 07: Kimberly McCullough - General Hospital

Never, ever, ever underestimate the power of Scrubs fans in their interest in or support of General Hospital's Kimberly McCullough. Enough said.

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No. 06: James Scott - Days of Our Lives

Ever wonder whether or not All My Children regrets getting rid of James Scott and letting time slot competitor (in many markets) Days of Our Lives scoop up the English actor? We have. James Scott is the only non-ABC actor to earn a spot on the DC Top 20 and only lost out to the highest ranked actor at No. 5 by less a very small margin.


No. 05: Steve Burton - General Hospital

General Hospital may have made a wise decision in having Steve Burton's Jason Morgan take control of the mob world in Port Charles, if our data is any indication. Burton is the only actor to make the top five on the DC Top 20. It should be noted, as a tribute to Liason fans, that both Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst reached the Top 10 on our ranking.


No. 04: Victoria Rowell - Young & Restless

If you asked a Young & Restless fan which one star they would most like to see return to their favorite soap there is a good chance they tell you Victoria Rowell, at least according to our listeners and readers. Victoria Rowell is the only Young & Restless actor or actress, past or present, to make it onto the Top 20 ranking, let alone reach a spot in the Top 5.


No. 03. Caitlin Van Zandt - Guiding Light

One of daytime's most underrated younger actresses Guiding Light's Caitlin Van Zandt we couldn't have been happier to discover that she was of such interest to Daytime Confidential listeners and readers. Van Zandt's decision to share the experience of going through a lap band procedure with fans is one of the most socially conscious storyline we've seen in soaps so far in 2008 and has helped to generate widespread good will for her and Guiding Light.


No. 02: Beth Ehlers - All My Children & Guiding Light

Boosted by interest in her leaving Guiding Light for All My Children Beth Ehlers is a hot commodity among Daytime Confidential readers and listeners. Questions on why she left Guiding Light and interest in who exactly she will portray on All My Children seems to have both shows fan's wanting more.

Could this be an indication that Guiding Light fans are willing to check out All My Children to find out if Beth Ehlers and Ricky Paull Goldin's chemistry reignites? Only time will tell but ABC certainly hopes so.


No. 01: Vanessa Marcil - General Hospital

Why is getting Vanessa Marcil back on General Hospital so important to ABC, even if it is only for six days as rumored? Well, if Daytime Confidential readers and listeners are any indication, fans appetite for all things Vanessa Marcil has not abated in her absence. Even a soap star like Beth Ehlers, with all the news, rumors, and commentary about her leaving Guiding Light for All My Children, could muster half the interest that Vanessa Marcil garnered, according to our data.


Further Analysis

Former Guiding Light star and current Heroes star Hayden Panettiere just missed the DC Top 20 coming in at No. 21. Emmy nominated Van Hansis was As the World Turns' highest ranked star at No. 23. General Hospital's Kelly Monaco, who we thought was a lock to make the Top 20, only reached No. 28. One Life to Live's Melissa Fumero and her "Bitchy Bangs" bitch slapped their way to No. 30. At No. 45 All My Children's Rebecca Budig was edged out by As the World Turn's Billy Magnussen who reached No. 44. It should also be noted that Young and Restless star Adrianne Leon, though let go nearly a year ago came in at No. 49. General Hospital's Genie Francis was No. 50.