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Days of Our Lives: Lucas Horton, Nerves of Steel

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Just when I thought I’ve seen it all Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) goes and pulls another stunt on EJ (James Scott) and Sami (Alison Sweeney). Yesterday I fell out of my chair when I saw Lucas giving Sami an ultimatum of either her or EJ to move out of the Dimera mansion.


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that house EJ’s family home?! John )Drake Hogestyn) is still Sami’s stepfather even though Marlena (Deidre Hall) moved out. You’d think that Lucas would say, “It’s either him or me Sami,” not having her moves out where else is she going to move to since the last time I checked Sami doesn’t work. I know Lucas is on house arrest but he can also move elsewhere like he’s also been itching to do. He could move into Alice’s place and we can get a sighting of the old gal and have someone in the family homestead. Hell he can even move in with his mom and take care of her when she gets out of the hospital she will need the help. If its mansion life that he’s craving he can even bunk up with baby brother Philip, lord knows he needs a friend besides a female one right about no.

I’m not bashing Lucas, I can see from his point why he can’t be in the same living situation as the woman he loves and her, “husband,” that is now her lover. I’d want my man to make a choice if he’s shacking up with someone that he claims to hate, the right choice. There’s no question about it Lucas has the right to ask her to make a decision on who stays and goes. For him to say Sami or EJ has to go, made me wonder if he bumped his head while on the ride to the slammer. You love Sami but want her to move out? Where does that leave you in this scenario?

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I get that he wants to reclaim his life with Sami but trying to back her or anyone else into a corner’s not the way to do so, we all know when boxed in Sami will come out swinging and the same goes for her hubby. Gotta love him trying to get EJ thrown out on the streets but alas it backfired.

Today, EJ was so on the money when he said he had every right to be in the Dimera home and John co-signing on that was just the icing on the cake. Loved NuJohn letting Lucas know who runs things in his house and that EJ was welcome to stay if he wanted. Everyone in the house is family minus Lucas, the only person he’s related to is Allie and we all know she’s not going anywhere. Who’d let her leave with a convict that’s still serving out his prison time. I’m just confused as to how Lucas is trying to fight for his family and the woman he loves by trying to make her and their children homeless.

I can’t lie, it takes someone with brass ones to try and have the other guy that also happened to spring you from jail and have his uncle let you live at his house move out.