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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!


Here's the Scoop! 06.19.08

It's in the juice!  The cure is in the juice according to RUMORS.  That pesky virus that has Spinelli, Claudia and Jason quarantined in the Penthouse may be cured by drinking the kool-aid juice. Silly right? But it may be a nod to the craze that is sweeping through the GH cast and crew.  Monavie!  Some of you may have heard of it, especially if you've attended fan events. 

The RUMORS go on to say that while Jason drinks the juice and is fine, Spinelli breaks the last bottle and is still ridden with the virus. So, based on these, it MAY be Jason taking Spinelli to the hospital and not Spinelli taking Jason.  Elizabeth will be in scenes with the two at the hospital and RUMORS have her overhearing a conversation between StoneCold and his Grasshopper.  What are they talking about?  Claudia and how she seems to be taken with Jason. 

The RUMORS also say that out of this convo, Elizabeth seeks out Robin and Jason says that he rather live alone if he can't be with Elizabeth.  What else is the Jackal telling StoneCold? SPOILERS have him, in a state of delerium, telling Jason he should kill Sonny.

A little Spixie for ya!  Maxie is concerned for her BFF but she's got a new doc to meet.  Oh and don't forget, twenty grand to win.  Possible Correction:  Robin may not be introducing M&M after all.  The two MAY literally bump into each other at the hospital.

Claudia and Nikolas try to fight the attraction.  I know they kiss, I am hearing that they MAY hit the sheets but Claudia will have a husband to deal with soon.  If they're so attracted to each other, why is Nikolas issuing threats to Claudia and Johnny? Claudia also starts sniffing around Elizabeth.  Which SHOULD give Liason fans more scenes of their couple.

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What has Johnny at the PCPD?  RUMORS say assault charges. Logan and Johnny get in a brawl and RUMORS say Scotty is there to say Johnny assaulted his son.  Only thing, Logan throws the first punch.  Why are they fighting?  Lulu, of course. 

CarJax & Skate: Jax shares the news with Kate that Carly may be pregnant.  Kate tells Sonny about the impending birth and Sonny puts two and two together.  Let the ridiculous Carly plan begin.

Max and Diane... how great is Carolyn Hennesy? It looks like we'll get some more great scenes from her.  I've mentioned before that Diane mistakes Kate's engagement ring for her own, especially when Max gets down on one knee.  (He's picking up something that was dropped.)  She says yes and runs to tell Alexis that Max popped the question.  Only problem, Diane realizes she's not interested in being married to anyone. 


Ingo Update:  It looks like he did not re-sign with General Hospital.  BUT, that does not necessarily mean he is gone.  There is SPECULATION that he may be taking some time to weigh his options.  Currently, he has a house in Hawaii and that is where he is supposedly planning on living.  Flying back and forth to LA may not be in the cards for the actor and his new family. 


Random RUMORS:  Someone was supposedly fired and a big casting may be making the mags soon.  Is it Spinelli that spills the Jake secret?  Remember he's in a state of delerium. Will Alexis learn of Jerry's part in Michael's shooting? 

The Haunted Star...still RUMORED to go BOOM!