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More Night Shift Scoop!


Has Dr. Leo Julian been recast?  We mentioned the possibility of Galen Gering (Luis, Passions) taking over the role and now word is that Leo will have a new face but it won't be Galen's.  According to the RUMORS, Dominic Rains (Leo Julian's current portrayer) has quite a bit of theatre commitments, thus requiring the recast of the role. 

The word on the street is that Leo will not be played by Galen Gering but by Ethan Rains, Dominic's brother.  Ethan's resume includes the Movie Sin City and a few TV Shows.  He had a brief stint on The Young and the Restless back in 2005 as Zach.  Ethan's also appeared on The Unit, Judging Amy and The Closer.

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For those of you that were excited about the possibility of Galen joining Night Shift, don' t give up all hope.  Remember, there was a casting call for new characters which included a character by the name of Dr. Craig Julian that seemed to be Dr. Julian's brother. Click through for updates.

UPDATE: It appears that the first two episodes of Night Shift have titles.  Episode #1 Is called "Crash" and #2 is titled "Other People's Children"

UPDATE #2: For more information on Sri Rao, Night Shift's new head writer, check out Sri & Company Inc.