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Former Daytime Writer Dishes

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For your lunch time pleasures check out the fantastic interview by Soap Opera Network’s Xavier Toups with former soap writer Sara A. Bibel. The scribe’s resume holds, The Young and The Restless, along with All My Children, as her old stomping grounds in the daytime industry.


Miss. Bibel has some interesting things to say about the genre that has been entertaining fans for years and also, has the scoop on how she got in the game as well as what storylines she was responsible for and ,what she has to say about those that didn’t quite make it to our screens.

Here’s a little taste of what she had to say:

Toups: Was there any storylines or events that didn’t happen but you wish it did happen and vice-versa?

Bibel: "Story plans change for all sorts of reasons, both from external suggestions and stories simply evolving from their original design. With that caveat...

Originally, Victor's epilepsy was going to be a much more complicated story. It was going to propel Victor back towards Ashley and Nikki towards Jack. I think that would have been interesting.

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When she first came back, Victoria was going to work for Jabot, in opposition to the rest of the Newmans. That could have been fun.

Lily and Daniel were supposed to experience realistic financial and emotional struggles as married teens.

Hindsight is 20/20... Things I wish hadn't happened: In retrospect, in my honest opinion, Cassie shouldn't have died. She was a core character played by a great actress who was just getting old enough for teen storylines. A Cassie/Daniel/Lily triangle could have been a great story with multi-generational impact given the connections between their parents. John Abbott shouldn't have died either."


I don't know about anyone else but she answered some questions that I had about some of those storylines...

When you're done reading up on her interview, check out Sara's blog where she talks about the Emmy nominations. Seems like we’re not the only ones that are in dismay over the Emmy process for this year. It’s as if it was the shot heard around the world and people are reacting to it.