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The Young and The Restless: Scoops and Spoilers

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From make ups to breaks ups and some shakeups The Young and The Restless 411 that I have for you is quite interesting.


Time must heals old wounds because Jeff and Gloria decide to high tale it to Vegas to get hitched once again. I wonder what current bed mate Jill will have to say about this development. My question on it is why do this again when they clearly can’t trust each other but claim to love one another.

Sounds like Phyllis have been taking classes from the Kate Roberts School of moms because she starts to plot on destroying Daniel and Amber’s relationship.

Devon’s aunt hits town and Neil is a bit wary about the long lost Aunt Tyra. Note: You think they give the name Tyra, as homage to Tyra Banks, who's show that made her portrayerEva Pigfordnow Marcille a household name?

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Well remember how I told you that the families of Adam and Heather are not kosher on them seeing each other? Apparently Victor’s the one that sets it off first! When he gets wind that his new and favorite son of the moment’s dating Heather, the same Miss. Stevens that tried to put him under the jail he blows his stack!

While Victor’s pissed about the golden boy’s bed partner, his new bride is at him due to him finding out about his ex’s marriage to David being kaput and his distress for her. Not only is Sabrina irked about his concern for her but she gets teed off due to the fact that: He buys expensive and extravagant gifts for her namely a French Chateau! (She needs her head checked if you asked me!) Her reasoning behind it is that people will start thinking that she’s like the Kanye West smash hit "Gold digger." Sabrina has been doing her homework because she starts to realize that even though Victor and Nikki are over they are truly never over and realizes no matter if either Newmans have moved on, Victor just can't help but don his Superman cape and help out Nikki.

Spotlight: David and Nikki Reed er Chow

Feeling the walls closing in on him, David decides its time to let Nikki in on his return to gambling. The current Mrs. Chow decides to be like Tammy Wynette and stand by her man but her man decides to veto that idea be cause he likes betting it all on chance and decides Vegas is where he needs to be and takes off. The next day however, reality sets in for David and he decides to go home to the misses and beg for another chance. That doesn’t fly with Nikki because she wants to know where he was the previous night if he didn’t go to Sin City.

David tells her that he was with his sponsor who Nikki asks to speak with to see if her hubby’s not pulling the wool over her but this time David was telling the truth. Nikki decides that she and her man need to fight the demon together but David stuns her (and me) by saying he wants a divorce! His reasoning’s that he doesn’t want Nikki to destroy her life due to his bad judgment. All of this leads to a huge collision with Nikki’s will power because all of this makes Nikki itch for taking a drink that she so long ago gave up. Due to this it makes her have a wake up call and realize what David’s dealing with but at the same time gives her food for thought on her marriage to David since all of his nonsense is making her want to take a sip.