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Adonis 2008 Finals: Week 1

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Hello everybody, and welcome to the Finals of the ADONIS 2008 contest at!!

Well, the semifinals are over and the 12 finalists have been chosen. So it's time to introduce you to your choices for ADONIS 2008. I'm going to give you a brief rundown of each contestant and then once again put you to a poll to see how the Daytime Confidential readers are voting. Once you are done voting here please remember to go to Soaphunks and rank the hotties from 1 to 12. 1 being your favorite to 12 being your least.

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Then please try to come to live results chat on Wednesday 10pmEST/7pmPST to see which hunk got the least amount of votes and is booted from the competition. If you can't make it don't worry, as always I will come back here and let ya'll know what happens.

So let's meet your finalists!!

Brandon Beemer (Owen Knight - Bold and the Beautiful)

Brandon is a fan fave in this contest, due in large part to his sporadic appearances in live chat. With piercing blue eyes and a phenomenal body it's no wonder he does so well every year. Brandon started his soap career when he took over the role of Shawn Brady on Days of Our Lives, but is moving on to a CBS soap where I'm sure he'll have just as much success. He stated in chat he would battle with wardrobe over at Bold and the Beautiful to be shirtless as much as possible, and I'm sure we'll all hold him to that. *wink*

Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby - Young and the Restless)

Daniel is our rep for all Aussie hotties out there for this contest. He was voted in by the fans this week as our wild-card pick. One fan stated he had "animal magnetism" which was fitting to say the least since he is probably best known for the barely there leather clad hottie on Beastmaster. His claim to soap hotness: lying passed out on a bed wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of black skivvies. HOT!!

Greg Vaughan (Lucky Spencer - General Hospital)

"Greggy" s the fans like to call him, is a definite favorite in this competition. He does good every year, but the win escapes him every time. Will this year be different? Other than soaps Greg has played a beach hottie on the short lived Malibu Shores and bared his backside in the independent movie Poison Ivy 3. He also had a run on Young and the Restless, but his main soap home has been Port Charles. One can only hope that he'll get a love scene soon cause the man has an upper body to die for.


Jake Silbermann (Noah Mayer - As the World Turns)

Jake was one of our judges wild-card picks for this week and was praised not only for his hotness but for how he handles being one half of the Nuke pairing on As the World Turns, a pairing that has gotten press and buzz far outside the soap world. He's got some hypnotic eyes and a great smile not to mention a good body so I'm sure he will hold his own in this competition.

Jason Cook (Dr. Matt Hunter - General Hospital)

Jason is the newest doctor in Port Charles, even if we haven't seen him yet, but we're sure looking forward to it. He started his career on Days of Our Lives as the son of Bo and Hope and one half of the popular Shelle pairing. His scene in a lagoon with Belle wearing nothing but a pair of swim trunks, all tan and delicious, will stick in our minds forever. Let's hope for some love scenes in the janitor closet or locker room shower like another doctor Patrick Drake.


Jason Thompson (Dr. Patrick Drake - General Hospital)

Speaking of Dr. Drake, our very own Dr. McDreamy of Port Charles has made it as well. Was there any doubt with those dimples? I think not! As a scrub's fan's dream, he can perform brain surgery, have a quickie in the locker room shower, and still have time to look awesome doing shots at Jake's while recording his blog. One thing's for sure...we know all the nurses are rooting for him hehe.

Jay Kenneth Johnson (Phillip Kiriakis - Days of Our Lives)

JKJ recently returned to the role he portrayed years ago and if you ask me should have never left. He is Phillip Kiriakis and it's good to have him home. Dimples, Dimples, Dimples.....need I say more? Well add piercing eyes and one smokin body and you get why the fans have voted for him. However he does have some competition from his own show that are going to give him a run for his money. If I were him I'd get a towel clad steam room scene STAT!!

John-Paul Lavosier (Rex Balsom - One Life to Live)

JPL has been entertaining us for years with his wit and charm. But his chiseled features and amazing upper body haven't been too hard to watch either. He was another of our wild-card picks that was voted in by one of our judges. His current claim to hottie fame: his stripper dance which was entertaining to be sure.

Shawn Christian (Dr. Daniel Jonas - Days of Our Lives)

At 42 Shawn is the oldest contestant this year and yet he, at least in my opinion, is one of if not the hottest contender out of the finalists. Shawn started his soap career years ago when he became the original portrayer of Mike Kasnoff on As the World Turns, and is now back on daytime as the brilliant diagnostician and surgeon on Days of Our Lives. His claim to hotness: clad in nothing but a towel in a steam room. YOWZA!!

Steve Burton (Jason Morgan - General Hospital)

Steve has long been a fan fave hottie, but will his lack of shirtless scenes cost him a win? One thing is for sure General Hospital fans are some of the most loyal and tenacious fans around, so I'm sure they will help him give the rest a run for their money. Of course being a brooding bad boy hitman mob boss clad in a leather jacket doesn't hurt. But some shirtless scenes would definitely help.

Mark Lawson (Brody Lovett - One Life to Live)

Mark is our underdog this year as the newest soap hottie to grace our screens. He made it in as Soapy's wild-card pick this week and Soapy has said if he gets voted out in the first week he's gonna pitch a fit, so we'll see *wink*. Some have called him the beefed up version of Ryan Phillipe and I can see why. With a marine like physique and baby blue eyes he's cure to win some hearts...and maybe a few votes as well.


James Scott (EJ Wells DiMera - Days of Our Lives)

James is our reigning champ in the ADONIS competition, and his fans are determined to see him maintain the title. Tall, chiseled, and British....he's definitely going to be hard to beat. In fact I can attest from personal experience that in his presence it is easy to be transformed into a stuttering puddle who a stuttering puddle who can't function. Add to that the steamy love scene between EJ and Sami and you know he's got one leg up, so to speak, in this contest. However there are some who want to see him knocked off the top so we'll see who wins the battle in the weeks to come.