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General Hospital: Jason Cook, With or Without A Beard?

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When Daytime Confidential

Days of Our Live's

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fan first spotted the spoiler screencap of Jason Cook new character Matt Hunter in Regan's

General Hospital Spoilers & Scoop

some questioned whether or not the image had been photoshopped in hopes that the beard was a hoax.

On instant messaging Regan asked what the big deal was, to which I responded that Days of Our Lives fans are accustomed to seeing him as the clean shaven man/teen Shawn Brady at that may be coming as quite the shock for some.

Then Nicki posted an earlier picture of Jason Cook in her Adonis 2008 coverage and with to two such different pictures I knew it would make a great poll.

It should be noted that more than likely the beard is probably storyline dictated and won't last more than a month but it does beg the question...

Do you prefer Jason Cook with or without a beard?