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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Scrubs: My first though was that, even though she needs bed rest, Robin’s a grown woman (a doctor at that) and should be allowed to do whatever she wants within the confines of her apartment and if that includes Patrick, then so be it. So I was glad when she finally put her foot down and told Pif she could go and I was glad when Patrick stood up to Mac but then Mac being the lovable dufus that he is, arrests Patrick. Silly Mac!!

Lucky/Sam: I never thought I’d say this, but I like them together. They’re cute and she’s being honest with him and he’s accepting her. Of course, now I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop and mess things up.

Ric/Alexis: I love when these two have scenes together because they’re just so good. And Ric had the line of the day:

Ric: "If it came down to it, Jerry will turn on you in an instant."

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Also loved the Ric/Carly scene. I do think Ric was genuine in his sincerity about Micheal and I liked that she had the grace to thank him for pulling her out of the water and she said it nicely, and not snidely like she often does with him.

Hated the Carly/Kate fight and Kate was being quite the biatch, considering it’s part Carly’s hotel. I did like how Jax managed to calm every one down and make nice.

Jax/Alexis: I always like their scenes together too, but I thought he was being a tad hypocritical towards Jerry, considering the number of times he’s come to Jerry’s rescue.

The anvils of foreshadowing were out in full force with the quarantine story. Gee, one of the symptoms is severe delirium where you spill all of your secrets. I hate that kind of delirium. So, will it be delirious Jason spilling the Jake secret, Claudia spilling the Micheal secret or both?