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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 06.20.08


Have Hacker?  No problem with that pesky quarantine.  Jason tells Spinelli to hack into the health department and get rid of the quarantine.  First, he'll stop Claudia from giving him a sponge bath and an attempt on his life.

Mr. Craig is back!  Jerry's evil alter-ego returns to defend his lady love.  SPOILERS say, Jerry pulls a gun.  On who?  A Zacchara!  Is it Johnny or Anthony looking down the barrel?  It looks like it's Johnny with the gun to his head but the warning is issued to ZaCrazy.  Alexis worries that she is the reason the lethal Mr. Craig is back.  Alexis will skip town with her girls. Nancy's vacation is a week longer than Sebastian's.  Jerry should still be around for about a week after Alexis has left town.

Patience is a virtue...and from what I'm hearing, it's a good thing Liason fans have shown incredible patience.  It SHOULD pay off.  Jake's paternity is being revealed, most likely in July and that will definitely increase the couple's screen time. 

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M&M... Maxie & Matt.  I mentioned yesterday that they literally bump into each other.  Well during the collision, Maxie's phone is crushed.  She's not happy.  Dr. Hunter also walks in on Maxie and Spinelli while he's in the hospital. 

Carly takes a preganancy test.
Sonny's annoyed with her after their fight and when he has a chance to throw a dig to Candy Boy he always takes it.  SPOILERS say Sonny and Jax are both at Kate's office when she steps out leaving the two alone.  This SHOULD be when Sonny "offers" Jax some advice, get a paternity test.

Has Ingo taken his departure?  Not yet according to RUMORS he's still on set.


Claudia tells Johnny... that Nikolas knows she was behind Michael's shooting.  RUMORS say Spinelli gets closer to finding out who hired Ian Devlin to kill Sonny.  Jason and Sonny's relationship is still on rocky ground and they'll continue to butt heads over how Jason is running the business.

Scrubs... Patrick's charges?  Stalking.  Robin enlists Maxie's help in getting down to the PCPD.  Patrick wants Robin to move in with him, she's not so sure.  Remember when I told you Elizabeth drops Jake off at Patrick's?  Looks like that SHOULD be happening next week.

A little Night Shift tid bit... look for Mac to be on the primetime spin-off and reunited with his brother, Robert.  RUMORS say John J York will appear on an undetermined amount of episodes. Keep an eye out for the new promos of Season Two.