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Days of Our Lives: A Summer of Romance

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I don't know about you, but I haven't seen much information regarding the upcoming summer storylines for Days of Our Lives. Thank goodness one smart person has been paying attention, and posted this promo on youtube. 

With a tagline of 'an all-American summer of romance' it looks as though we might be in for some Stax luv (Max and Stephanie), a storyline involving newly paired Lucas and Chloe (Chucas? Chlocas?), a budding romance between Philip and Morgan, and some fun for long-time fan favorites Bo and Hope.  Nicole, EJ and Sami feature in the promo also, and maybe with Lucas' attention directed elsewhere, this will be the summer's love triangle.

What did you think of the preview?  Will you be tuning in for the Days of Summer Romance?

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