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LIVE BLOGGING: Red Carpet (All Times Central)

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6:50: This is the last of the Red Carpet updates for tonight. Everything else will be filler and and promos. Be sure to tune in for our post Emmy Awards podcast (to be published sometime Saturday) and our Emmy Insider Podcast on Monday with TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco. Be sure to call the DC comment line with your thoughts about the Daytime Emmy Red Carpet and the Daytime Emmy Winners, Losers and the show in general.

Shout out to everyone in the DC Emmy Chat!

6:53: RPG is with Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann and they are talking about being the first gay (two men) couple on daytime.

6:47: Finola is with Melissa Archer. LOVE Melissa, not a fan of the dress. It also looks as if she's had a bit of sun. John Brotherton has been married for 13 days and is sporting a beard.

Tyra Banks won the Dove Dark Chocolate Fashion award. For what I don't know. It was the same color of her skin and looked like a drape. I won't even mention what all the great people in the DC chat are saying about that dress.

6:40: RB is with Darnell Williams and Debbie Reynolds and is letting her inner fangirl come through. Sort of cute to watch.

Finolas is interviewing Michelle Stafford who looks great, AS ALWAYS. Michelle had back surgery and just admitted onscreen that she hasn't been able to shave her legs in two weeks because of it. Finola just asked RB if she would shave her legs for her.

RB is with Ashley Jones from B&B. Ooops...looks like she had a red carpet "moment" and someone is mending her dress while she's talking to RB. Ashley looks AMAZING and is talking about how she as a doctor could find a cure to a heart transplant patient by Googling. Got to love daytime huh.

6:32: RPG is with Marcy Rylan, Kim Zimmer, Jeffery Cole, Caitlin Van Zandt and Zimmer is taking him to task about GL being the little show that could.

Lawrence is with his boss Regis Philbin and his wife Joy Philbin talking about the Lifetime Achievement Award he will be receiving and asking what the secret to keeping their marriage alive is. Regis one word answer "patience"

RB is with Tyra Banks who is wearing a dress that is the EXACT same color of her skin. Tyra will be presenting the Lead Actress award. Banks is giving a shout out to ANTM Yaya (sp?).

Finola is with Aidan Turner (her onscreen nephew) and his wife Megan. Turner is wearing British cuff links. Apparently he is taking aliqution lessons.

RB is with Alicia Minshew and Melissa Claire Egan . Are they really showing the pole dancing scenes on split screen? Yep that's what it is. Ugh.

RPG is with Kirsten Storms and Julie Marie Berman look amazing!

6:19: RPG is talking with Lee Phillip Bell and Bill Bell about B&B. Great to see them. We hardly ever get to see them. Lee received the Life Time Achievement Award last year.

: Finola is talking to Judge Judy about her common sense.

6:15: RB is with Antonio Sabato Jr and is complaining about the heat while talking about his return to General Hospita: NS as Jagger. He's returning as an FBI agent with his 5 year old son Stone. They keep saying 110 degrees. The DC chat members just checked the temp in Hollywood. It's 91 degrees.

6:13 Finola is talking to the cast of MVP and "objectifying" the men. What did everyone think of MVP?

RB is with Gina and Chrystal Chappell about their clothing. Both look great but no one is mentioning the musical chairs seating snafu. Apparently Ellen Wheeler gave her actors and actresses little fans to use when not onscreen to keep cool and not even the hosts of the red carpet get that.

6:07: RPB is sucking up to La Lucci over the air while talking to Days of Our Lives Phillip and Stephanie (character names, actor names fail me at the moment).

6:05: RB is with Susan Lucci and La Lucci looks AMAZING. Interesting La Lucci is presenting Best Actor, not the actress who won Best Actress last year. Just saw Alison Sweeney on the split screen. WOWZERS as our own Nicki says.

6:03: RB is with Trent Dawson and Kelly Menighan Hensley. Kelly looks great and Trent is suggesting the writers pair Emily and Henry up. Now there is something to think about.

6:01: Finola just told Jeanne Cooper she's one of the best dressed women. Sorry, do not agree with Finola. Still love Jeanne though.

6pm: We're at the halfway mark. Sparky in the DC chat wants to see Tom Pelphry. No surprise there. Tina thinks SN needs help production wise, which is true. What are your impressions of the first hour of SN's red carpet?

5:59: RPG is interviewing Beth Ehlers about her leaving GL and her joining AMC.

5:57: What is Judi Evans wearing? I LOVE Judi Evans but between the hair and the dress it's a bit of a shock.

5:51: Finola is interviewing the cast of NS2. Sonya Eddy looks great and it's an off the rack dress.

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5:50: RB did an adorable interview with Roger Howarth's daughter. So cute.

Lawrence needs to quite with the puns. He and Finola are with B&B's Texas Battle and the new Forrester daughter (can't remember her name, sorry). Battle loves the cast of B&B and the actress has her foot up on the shoe cam again.

5:46: RB is with Y&R's Emily OBrien. Emily is wearing echo friendly jewelry.

5:41: What in the world does Sam Champion know about predicting soaps? I know that he's the weatherman at GMA but seriously, a Daytime Emmy Forcaset? He's giving the edge to Tony Geary in the lead actor category. I guess we'll see if it's true.

RB just asked Bryan Datillo if he and Emmy nominee Darin Brooks are dates. RB is staring at Datillo's ass. Poor Bob Guiney.

5:26: SSJohn in the DC Emmy Chat has apparently lost his remote and can't remember where it went. Shoutout to him! For instructions on how you can join the chat VISIT HERE.

5:34: Shoe cam sighting...ugh Apparently Tina and Tonianne in the DC chat love the shoe cam and the shoes.

5:33: RPG is talking to Nicole Forrester. Didn't even let her have a chance to get out of her car. Now RPG's mic isn't working and people's mouths are moving but we aren't hearing them.

5:32: Tristan Rogers sighting! How nice to see him and Finola together. He tells her that the Head Writer is writing Night Shift as if 2006 never existed! That's AWESOME. NS is eliminating the deadbeat dad and Robin and Robert are going to have a good relationship.

5:31: RB is with Rachel Melvin who is nominated for younger actress. She looks great and seems as charming as ever. Though the

5:29 Leanne Hunley looks Amazing in purple. Thaao is as dapper as ever talking to Lawrence.

5:26: SN needs a WAY better voice over announcer and SN is having TONS of production problems.

RB is talking to Y&R's Greg Rikkart...nominated as supporting actor and is apparently a neighbor of RB in CA. If you want to check out Rikkart in a non soap context check out Imaginary Bitchs. RB just made Rikkart admit he doesn't have deodorant on. Not sure we needed to know that.

5:20: Finola is telling us how fans can bid on Heather Tom's dress on Visit the website for details. Her dress was designed by Jack Machenroth (a Project Runway contestant). What do you think of Heather Tom's dress? Be sure to comment. Apparently SN is having problems showing off it's "package" for the Heather Tom Dress. We are now watching every single red carpet dress HT has worn in recent memory...ok, not quite but they just want to make sure they don't end up on a worst dressed list. I wonder what Joan Rivers would have to say about it.

5:17: Sherri Shepherd is "going to hurl" she's so nervous....hopefully off screen.

5:12: RPG is with Christian LeBlanc talking about Peter Bregman and LeBlanc's character Michael Baldwin.

5:09: Kristen Alderson and Brandon Buddy are talking with Budig about their teen pregnancy storyline on OLTL.

Farah Fath and JPL look great in black. Fath is wearing vintage Michael Coores. JPL is wearing Rex's Tux from OLTL...Finola called it slumming. His cufflinks are worth mor than his morgage.  Toniann in the DC Emmy chat thinks "JPL needs to shave."

5:07: Finola is showing of the notorious shoe cam. What would a SN red carpet be without it. UGH.

I learned a few lessons from my first attempt at live blogging the Daytime Emmy Nominations Announcement. This time we'll be updating every 15-20 minutes instead of ever five minutes. So check back 15 -20 minutes after the last time stamp. Hopefully this will help keep the site from crashing from all the traffic

All spelling errors purely unintentional and will be corrected later.