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Days of Our Lives: That Bittersweet Feeling

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Days of Our Lives would have felt a bittersweet feeling at the conclusion of the recent 35th Daytime Emmy Awards. Nominated in several of the major categories, Days of Our Lives lost out yet again and was sent back to the NBC lot empty handed. The shows hopes of a major Emmy breakthrough win rested on the shoulders of Thaao Penghlis and Judi Evans in the Lead Actor and Supporting Actress categories. In what has been a tumultuous year for the up and down soap, everybody associated with Days of Our Lives must now be asking some serious questions and wondering where to now for the almost 43 year old soap. There has been talk of cancellation, controversial firings and the continuous rise and fall in the overall ratings race. However, Days of Our Lives is capable of returning to the top – the question is when and how?

Jeanne Cooper, a sentimental favourite took home the Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy for her portrayal of Katherine Chancellor in Young & Restless. Anthony Geary was Outstanding Lead Actor in General Hospital, while the big winner was General Hospital winning Outstanding Drama Series – the show’s 10th. Days of Our Lives were not nominated in the Outstanding Drama Series category, but would have sat and pondered at what could have been. Darin Brooks as Max Brady and Rachel Melvin as Chelsea Brady were also defeated in their Younger Actor and Actress categories. Australia’s very own Tammin Sursok also lost out in her quest for Emmy glory. Australian radio stations, on the hour, every hour announced during news bulletins, that Tammin was a chance at winning. Her family flew in from Down Under for the event, but were disappointed when Jennifer Landon from As The World Turns snatched victory. Bold & Beautiful had a disappointing night, not winning any major awards, but it was hats off to One Life To Live and Guiding Light for winning a couple. Young & Restless were winners and grinners yet again, while Kristoff St. John joined Jeanne Cooper on the winners list taking home the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

What must Dena Higley be thinking now? Last week the show climbed +0.1 in the ratings for NBC, but when will we see Days of Our Lives return to its clever story driven plots, and exceptional acting. The show is constantly fending off cancellation rumours and have slowly climbed its way back up to as high as 4th in the overall ratings. With another Daytime Emmy Awards over, Days of Our Lives will be now left with its bittersweet feeling. A feeling of Emmy nomination joy, and bitter disappointed. Will this be the ammunition required for Dena to pull together this struggling soap and help revive the show? Will we see our veteran’s front and centre? Will we be able to watch daily in eager anticipation? With the 36th Daytime Emmy Awards firmly in it's sights, Days of Our Lives have a lot of work to do, but do not underestimate this show. Glory is just around the corner.

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