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DC #258: CBS & "Days of Our Lives" Blunt Force

On today's CBS and Days of Our Lives episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Mike and Nicki discuss the Max becoming a genius, Kate's illness and why Days of Our Lives shouldn't try to be General Hospital or Grey's Anatomy. Marlena is back and what will happen with this summer's teen storyline.


Do Heather and Adam on Young and Restless equal one character or are they both lacking even as a couple? Why are we watching such petty stuff as Jack and Nick arguing over tattoos? Why isn't Young and Restless going back to what it does best, Jack vs. Victor?

Texas Battle is making his mark on Bold and Beautiful but is his character really Donna's son? What if he isn't? The Forrester power struggle continues to make no sense and we have no idea why we should care?

Do you think that Guiding Light has become the G show? Our own Nicki seems to think so. Marcy makes a great drunk and at least she didn't sleep with Remmy. Our Guiding Light challenge. How many minutes per episode are wasted on scenery, singing and doing nothing?

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On As the World Turns Carly and Holden attend camp while Emily and Casey are sneaking around. The Hughes vs. Stewart rivalry is renewing and we're enjoying it. What is it about Janet that makes the character so hard to read? Does she have designs on Jack? Does she have designs on Brad? Or does she just fly by the seat of her pants and have no real motives? We're not sure.

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