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Guiding Light: Mel's Guiding Gossip

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Welcome to the Emmy weekend edition of Mel's Guiding Gossip. Hopefully, everyone is willing to step away from Emmy land for a bit to get Springfield's juiciest gossip, rumors, scoops, and spoilers for the week of June 23rd.


Remy/Ava: This week, Remy and Ava continue to struggle with their feelings for one another. They spend some quality time together and Ava gives Remy something special. Soon after this happens, someone tells Remy to pack his bags. Who is it and why? Remy better pack fast because Ava's baby shower is later that day. Many Springfield citizens arrive at the SpauldingMansion for a good old fashioned baby shower. I bet you can just imagine how well it goes. 

Bill/Lizzie: Bill starts his week off asking Jeffrey for Ava's hand in marriage. Will Jeffrey approve? It doesn't matter because Bill has bigger things to worry about than Jeffrey's approval. In an interesting turn of events, Bill faces off against Lizzie in the courtroom. That's right Bill and Lizzie have turned their feud into a legal battle. Who will come out on top? Lastly, somewhere during Bill's busy week he decides its time to get involved in politics. I wonder if this could be setting up the next mayoral race. 

Reva/Jeffrey/Daisy/Grady: Jeffrey and Frank decide they've had enough of Grady and make a plan to take him down. Whatever the plan is, Reva supports Jeffrey 100%. Let's go back to Grady for a moment. He gets some help from Daisy this week when she keeps the cops off his back. In the meantime, Daisy does some digging into Grady's past. Will she finally find out who he really is? The week ends as Reva and Frank come together to help Daisy get her head on straight. 

Coop/Ashlee/Blake: Grab a hold of your boot straps, because it's one hell of a week for Coop and Ashlee. Ashlee is still upset over the fact that Grady was only using her to get to Doris. She tries to talk to Coop about her innocent attraction to Grady, but it doesn't go well. Coop doesn't understand why she would care what Grady thinks of her. He can't let the issue go. The two end up arguing and Coop storms out. In an attempt to calm down, Coop buries himself in a mound of work with Blake. Coop tells Blake to relax and in return she tries to seduce him. Somehow, Coop ends up in bed with Blake...but not like that!  Nothing happens between the two, but it sure looks it when Ashlee returns to see them in bed together. Ashlee freaks out for a bit but then realizes that nothing happened. However, it doesn't matter to Ashlee and she breaks up with Coop on the spot! A devastated Ashlee goes to see Doris. Doris channels her inner Buzz and gives Ashlee some good advice. The big question here is: Can Coop and Ashlee work things out or is it too late?

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Frank/Natalia: Natalia receives a call from Rafe this week. Whatever he says leaves Natalia missing her son more than ever. Natalia confides in Frank about her mess of a life right now. The two share a sweet moment. RUMORS say that Frank and Natalia could be heating up the summer soon. 

Josh/Cassie/Cyrus/Harley: This week, Cassie wants revenge on Cyrus. She starts by confessing it all to Harley. Cassie tells Harley that she and Cyrus slept together. She also tells Harley that Cyrus' brother is the person who killed Tammy. To put it lightly, Harley doesn’t take the news well. She doesn't understand why Cassie would tell her news like this when she's so far away. A heartbroken Harley gets fed up and hangs up in Cassie's face. On a side note, I think it's a sin and a shame that the character of Harley with 20 years of history exits the show with a phone call. It's pure trash but that's another story. Anyways, a very proud of herself Cassie tells Cyrus that she told Harley the truth. Cyrus isn't happy one bit but he is quick to remind her that Josh still doesn't know the truth. With that said, Cassie goes to Josh and tells him the truth. How does he react? Hopefully, he pulls an Ashlee and breaks up with her on the spot. A girl can dream...right?


I would like to give Gina Tognoni (Dinah) and Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan) special congratulations for their respective Emmy wins! Great job you two!

Extended Sneak Peeks at Next Week(June 30th): Josh confronts Cyrus, Reva gives Josh a shoulder to cry on, Cassie confides in Reva, Alan faces the music, Lizzie learns the truth about Ava's baby, Remy and Ava admit their feelings, Frank warns Marina, Beth and Rick finally talk, and last but certainly not least The Bauer BBQ!