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General Hosptial Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  06.23.08


Not much out there this morning but I'll give ya the little bit I got.

Logan's Death... Who killed him?  Who thinks they killed him and how does Jason become a suspect?  It seems more information is being leaked as to how Logan winds up dead and dropped off at Nikolas' clinic.   RUMORS are now pointing back in Lulu's direction.  It looks like she'll think she was the one to kill Logan but she's definitely not who dumps the body.  It sort of becomes a team effort in protecting Lulu, even Maxie joins in.  RUMORS say everyone from Nikolas to Spinelli to Claudia help cover up Lulu's possible connection to Logan's death.  They'll try to make it look like a mob related death and Jason winds up a suspect? How?  I mentioned last week that his SUV is used.  There is no way to get Jason out of it without faking some evidence and Jason doesn't want Lulu to take the fall either.  It looks like Logan's death will be a big old murder mystery. 

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Will we see an OLD RUMOR come true?  Remember the one where Elizabeth is supposed to be Jason's alibi?  We're supposed to get a few Liason scenes so it's possible Elizabeth could provide Jason with an alibi. AS of RIGHT NOW, I am not seeing Elizabeth's name attached to the storyline. 

What about the fake death RUMOR from a couple weeks back?  It was speculated that Lulu would be the one faking her death as a way to protect her.  Julie Marie Berman is getting married this August and I am sure the Bride needs some extra time off for the nuptials and a honeymoon.  It could be a storyline to explain Lulu's sudden absence. 

Speaking of Nikolas' Clinic... it may be getting the speed of light award.  RUMORS say it opens this week.  So much for stalled permits and renovations.  The Emily Bowen Quartermaine Free Clinic opens up just in time to play a role in a murder mystery.


Night Shift Scoop!  Nice promos during the Emmy Red Carpet and even better, the news that Kent Master King (Lainey) would be a part of Season Two.  As Tristan Rogers mentioned on the Red Carpet, Robert's storyline when he returned in '06 will be tweaked a bit.  He won't be the dead beat dad they made him to be when he first returned to Port Chuck.  They'll explain that Robert and Robin have been in contact with each other and there is a POSSIBILITY that we'll also learn that Robin knew her Dad was alive.