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One Life to Live Spoilers & Scoop!

Here's the Scoop! 06.23.08


Bo and Lindsay are taking a trip down the aisle. SPOILERS say Rex's words at Nash's funeral is what brings Bo to Lindsay on bended knee. Nora is not thrilled. RUMORS say Nora jumps into action before the couple can say "I Do" and is all ready to expose Lindsay's guilt thanks to a letter from RJ. What's it say? Lindsay faked her breakdown. Bo, thinking he can now trust Lindsay, tells his bride-to-be that David Vickers is his brother.

Tess is back and she is not happy that Jess lost her husband. Will she play nice to keep up appearances? SPOILERS say Tess, pretending to be Jessica, forgives Natalie and Jared but is really making plans to get her revenge. Remember, something is done to Natalie's car that "sends" Viki to "heaven." It looks like Viki winds up behind the wheel of the tampered with car.

Jess/Tess at the funeral. Jessica prepares to say goodbye to her husband and puts on a simple black dress for Nash's wake. Tess shows up at Nash's funeral in the same floral number she was wearing when she and Nash first met. Will Jessica's family realize she's had a relapse? RUMORS say no.

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David Vickers, the dog not the man, helps Tina get away from Jonas. Natalie and Jared find the pooch and take him home with them. She may get away but is Tina ready to make a deal with Jonas?

Todd gets Blair to sign the divorce papers.
Its all a part of Todd's plan apparently. He tells Marty that John is the reason for his divorce. Marty wants to know more about her life and puts Todd on the hot seat by quizzing him about herself. Also on board for Todd, finding out that he's about to become a grandpa. Wonder what Todd will do when he finds out Starr wants to give her baby up for adoption? He's not happy, especially when he finds out that Marcie is at the top of Starr's list.

Talia's grabbed too. Sarah and Talia will be held together in a dungeon. Tina, Cristian and Antonio all take a trip to Mendorra where Jonas has Sarah and Talia.


Charlie still has no clue what happened to him the night Viki found him in the alley. He's on the hunt to find out what or who happened to him.

Flashing to 1968... it's all a part of the 40th Anniversary spectatular. Who's playing who? Let me give you the rundown...

Bo: fills in as Asa;

Rex: takes over Bo;

Gigi: she'll play Emma, Spencer and David's mother;

Shane: Spencer;

Jared: will play Clint;

Natalie: fills in as Maria;

Loyita Woods (RSW's real-life wife) plays Renee and Dallas, Clint's ex-squeeze.

In 1968, Clint and Maria get it on.
Is this when Cord was conceived? Hmmmm, remember we mentioned a possible pregnancy for Natalie? Will they be back in Paris, Texas?

(As always... thanks to Tina for the assist!)