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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 06.24.08


Again, not much out there this morning.  Online rumblings are that the brass at GH are trying to plug up the leaks. 

Can you get court awarded visitation with a fetus?  Patrick's going to try to.  I know, it sounds ridiculous but it's yet another squabble between Patrick and Robin.  This week Patrick consults Diane about his rights to his child and more importantly to visitation with his unborn child.  See, Patrick is all about the cohabitation and Robin is little miss independent when it comes to this baby.  Robin wants to decide who her body visits with.  This is all the legal drama we've been SPOILING for a few weeks now.  Diane and Alexis both get involved and RUMORS have the matter actually making it to a courtroom.

Sonny and Kate got engaged in the most unromantic proposal ever.  Now it's a mad dash to the altar.  RUMORS have the wedding happening next month.  Will they make it to the "I Do's"?  There are a few things happening before Sonny and Kate become Mr. and Mrs.  We all know that once Carly finds out about the nuptials she's going to go through the roof.  RUMORS say she goes to see Sonny and lays into him for marrying Kate.  Sonny reminds his ex-wife that she is married to Jax.  Carly's response?  Married to Jax or not, it didn't stop Sonny from having sex with her in the back of his limo.  Of course someone is eavesdropping on the heated conversation and as we've SPOILED before, this is how Kate finds out about the limo sex. 

Take out your salt bolders... there are RUMORS that Kate is alone and crying on her wedding night.  I've mentioned that while a lavish wedding is planned, Sonny and Kate may not actually marry.  Why do you need the salt boulder?  Well RUMORS say that Kate may sleep with someone due to the hurt Sonny has caused her.  One RUMOR has Kate having to endure Trevor's mocking and Ric stepping in to get his father to back off.  This RUMOR goes on to say that Kate kisses Ric and asks him to take the pain away.  Would they really have Kate sleep with Trevor, Sonny and Ric?  Another THEORY is that  once the limo sex is revealed, Kate and Jax fall into bed together and while Carly isn't pregnant, Kate may be.  Hmmm... there was that RUMOR that Sonny's swimmers ain't swimming no more.  We know Jax's work just fine.  Back to Ric for a bit.  IF that's the story, what about his RUMORED marriage to Claudia? 

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DaisyClover asked a great question yesterday.  Will Dr. Matt Hunter pull some time at The Emily Bowen Quartermaine Free Clinic?  I remember seeing something about that, but it was a brief mention and I haven't seen it since.  I did a little digging this AM and so far, I've got nothing. 

A little more Logan... he's in a rage and Lulu is not able to talk him down.  Is this when he dies and Lulu thinks she's the one that kills him?  It appears so as the SCOOP for the following day says Maxie works with Johnny and Lulu to cover up a crime.  IF Lulu isn't guilty, then who is?  I am still seeing it's Anthony who offs Logan and it looks like Jason Morgan may be framed for the crime. 

Still seeing RUMORS that... Nikolas threatens Claudia and the Zacchara's, Jake's paternity is coming out, Liason will have more screen time together, Claudia's MOC, Maxie still has twenty grand to earn and despite the threat, Nikolas is still RUMORED to become Claudia's lover.


Also... Claudia tells Johnny that Nikolas knows she paid Ian to shoot Sonny.  Claudia's time in quarantine has her taking a liking to Spinelli.  Apparently to her when a man doesn't want to have sex with you or kill you, it's a good thing.