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Wally Kurth's Movie Class C

Wally Kurth (Ned, General Hospital; Sam, As the World Turns; Justin, Days of Our Lives) produces and narrates the documentary Class C.


Class C follows five basketball teams from Montana’s smallest schools on their journey to win the state championship. The feature length documentary tells the story of a changing rural America and the girls who carry hope and heartbreak onto the basketball court.

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It was this spirit of support so evident in small town Montana that inspired Wally Kurth to produce a film about Class C girls’ basketball. Kurth, a Billings native who has enjoyed a successful acting career in television, says, "After spending one memorable summer in Winnett, MT years ago, I learned first hand, the joy, hope and passion that these small towns have for their girls basketball teams. I thought it was time to give these small towns, America's treasures in my opinion, some well deserved attention."

Wally is making the rounds at various film festivals and Class C was a winner at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival and won Best Sports Action at the Jackson Hole Film Festival.  NBA Coach, Phil Jackson (LA Lakers) offers commentary throughout the film. 

For more information and to view the trailer, visit Class C's official site.  Another great site to check out for more on Class C is Montana's PBS site.  Thanks to GHLover for bringing up Ned in today's spoilers comments.  It had me doing some Wally research and finding out about this great project.