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Bold and Beautiful: Logan versus Forrester?

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The stage has been set. The Bold and the Beautiful seems like it is headed for some fireworks. All week, stories have been building to a climax with a drama fest about to ensue. Nick arrived back from Paris with Beth and Steven Logan, Katie was brought back to life by a miraculous IV wonder drug, Phoebe broke the news to Ridge that she overheard word that Marcus was Donna’s son and the Forrester children are on the verge of claiming their company from their father Eric. It’s been a dramatic week on the show, and will only get better. I have really warmed up to the Logan family. I am just waiting for the scene when Stephanie and Eric finally meet with Beth Logan after all these years. Will it be a sassy Bold and the Beautiful moment? You bet it will be!

I actually stopped and thought about this for a moment tonight. Do we have more Logans than Forresters in LA? That’s what it seems like, especially with Katie and Donna Logan dominating airtime lately. Now that Beth and Steven are around, it’ll be a given that the Logan’s will be front and centre on the show. I’m still trying to work out Nick Marone. I think he has a serious thing for Katie, which will only spell bad news for Bridget. I’m really starting to feel for Bridget as it seems she has had nothing but misfortune and dysfunctional relationships come and go from her life. I also think that the incest needs to stop too. It really couldn’t be healthy for viewers to see how easy it is to bed a sister-in-law or mother-in-law in such a short period of time. The other relationship I’m finding hard to handle is that between Taylor and Rick. Let’s just keep it in the family shall we? I am however liking the fact that Marcus and Steffy are getting to know each other. Possibility there you think?

Donna Logan is about to cry us all a river. Who will get to Eric first? I can see the tears and her pleas now. Hope it isn’t too over the top, as seeing Brooke like this most days is enough drama for me. Where is Stephanie? She is really taking some “me” time now isn’t she? I actually think she is going to need the “me” time as when crap hits the fan, something tells me she will be brought front and centre again. Will we see her go head to head with Beth Logan again? Something tells me we are, but I really don’t want it to have to be over Eric again. I just couldn’t handle it.

Felicia and Thorne need to now step up. I’m not coping with the fact that Ridge assuming Forrester Creations is in his total control. Put Stephanie back at the helm and nominate Felicia to be Director. We have not quite seen what Felicia would be capable of as CEO. She would be one ruthless b*tch! Now, if Donna gets ousted from Forrester and Beth has a run in with Stephanie, I think a war will erupt. Just like we saw with the Brady’s and DiMera’s on Days of Our Lives, we could be seeing the Logan’s versus the Forrester’s. Let the games begin. Also, will someone please take Marcus to the hospital for a DNA test? This topic has not been mentioned once and I am surprised that it hasn’t been dealt with sooner – very disappointed. Maybe there is a reason for this though? The age difference between Donna and Marcus is zero to none. Give the woman some wrinkles…

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