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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  06.25.08


More and more is coming out about Logan's death and Lulu's involvement.  Remember how I mentioned Lulu thinks she may have killed Logan and the cover-up begins?  It's becoming a bit of a puzzle we need to put together.  Lulu and Logan argue, he's out of control and she can't calm him down.  Now, the RUMORS suggest that Lulu is drugged and when she comes to, she thinks she was the one who killed Logan.  Who's doing the drugging?  The RUMORS point in Trevor's direction.  Why?  It's a set-up.  Some SPECULATION that Trevor is setting up Lulu.  He's wanted her out of Johnny's life and Anthony seems to think Lulu keeps Johnny under control.  How is Jason the suspect?  Well when it becomes a team effort to cover up the murder, even Maxie helps out, Spinelli leaves something behind that can be linked back to Jason.  Don't forget about the SUV being used to dump Logan's body.  Maxie and Spinelli are the ones RUMORED to leave Logan's body on the Clinic's doorstep. 

What about Claudia?  EARLY RUMORS had her helping out in the cover-up. 
When Maxie and Spinelli leave to get rid of the body, RUMORS say Claudia shows up while Johnny is finishing the clean-up.  Claudia helps because she thinks Johnny will take the fall for Lulu. 

Scrubs... legal stuff.  Then the grandparents hit town. 

Carly and her baby lie... should start on Friday.

Ric and his dirt on Logan... will that come out when Logan expires?  There is some SPECULATION that we will never know why Logan was discharged from the military.  Is it yet another storyline Guza and Co. have dropped?  Josh Duhon is still around set as he has been filming flashbacks to help with the murder mystery surrounding his death. 

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Tracy visits Johnny in jail.  She's got a proposal for her step-daughter's boyfriend.

Dr. Matt Hunter comes to GH tomorrow. 
Welcome Jason Cook!

Not much out there this morning... check back for updates. As always, leave a comment or ask a question. 

Updated to add a SPOILER PIC.  Diane comes to the penthouse and apparently Ms. Miller is a bit of a germaphobe.  She cleans Jason's penthouse!