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One Life to Live: Casting Scoop & Rumors!


Remember that Blind RUMOR I posted? 
Those of you that took a crack at it were right.... it was for the character of Sarah.  RUMORS say that Sarah Roberts, played by Justis Bolding, is being re-cast with another ABC fan favorite, Adrianne Leon (Brooklyn, GH; ex-Colleen, Y&R).  As SPOILED, Sarah takes a trip over a watefall and is presumed dead in a re-do of a classic One Life to Live storyline.  RUMORS of the re-cast started circulating when Tina returned thus giving Sarah more screen time.  These RUMORS say that TPTB wanted a "bigger" name in the role of Sarah.  While we're still waiting on official confirmation of the casting, there is an interesting tid bit attached to this RUMOR.  Leon, who is also an accomplished musician, would feature her music on One Life to Live at Capricorn. These RUMORS also suggest that Leon would dye her hair blonde for the role of Sarah.

Also on the casting news front...One Life to Live has cast the role of Julianna.  DeWanda Wise is said to have been awarded the part and Julianna may be hitting town to help Vincent on his way out.   Julianna is RUMORED to be the woman Vincent is having an affair with.  There are RUMORS that both Tobias Truvillion and Tika Sumpter (Layla) are on their way out of Llanview. DeWanda Wise's acting credits includes roles on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and various movies. 

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Stay tuned to DaytimeConfidential for updates!  When we know, you'll know.

Also weigh in on the castings.  Do you think Adrianne Leon is a good choice?  Who would you suggest for the role of Sarah?