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Turns out that TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco wasn't the only one who had problems with the CBS PR department at this year's Emmys. In one of two video interviews on The Gold Derby (a part of the The Los Angeles Times) Tom O'Neil  mentions to Branco how he was treated by the CBS PR department.

"The backlash I got back for myself personally, from at least Bromberg on the PR side, was one of the most humiliating phone calls I've had to endure by the way. I was belittled, treated like a child. It was shocking the level of pettiness."

For those who may not be aware, Tom O'Neil and The Gold Derby are noted in the entertainment industry for their award show coverage. Tom covers all the award shows from the Daytime Emmys to the Academy Awards. Check out the article and the video clips at The Gold Derby.

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