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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Nikolas’s clinic is up and running? Already?? They only mentioned it about a week ago and the mayor was doing everything to keep it from even being looked at, much less built. Eeesh! Also, I didn’t see a doctor on staff, who’s going to see the patients that Nadine rounded up?

Despite the speed of the clinic, by contrast, we have the slowness of Monica’s rehab. Seriously, she’s been there for months. I thought she was there for 30 days. However, I did like the Tracy/Monica scene and how Tracy was asking for help and advice.

Memo to Jerry, if you’re going to make out with the DA, have the presence of mind to lock the door first. Geez, that office is busier than Grand Central Station. But speaking of Jerry, as much as I’m not a fan of Jexis, I loved that final scene, with Alexis turning to him for help from Anthony and the venom with which he said he’d do everything to help her protect Kristina. Kind of gave me goose bumps!!

Speaking of goose bumps, Ric and Claudia. I want them to hook up because other than Johnny, Ric seems to be the only one that Claudia is showing chemistry with. (and with Johnny it’s just icky!!). Three days of quarantine with Jason and nothing. A four minute scene with Ric and they ooze it.

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Speaking of the quarantine story, what was the point?? They led up to a possible secret being spilled during someone’s delirium and then squat happened. Except that Maxie seems to have more of an appreciation for Spinelli. Just in time for it to be ruined by new Doctor Hairy Face. Seriously, why did Jason Cook grow that facial hair? I think it’s to make him look old enough to play a doctor, but I think it just makes him look creepy and that was after only a five second scene from him today.

Loved the Scott/Alexis scene, however brief. Those two work well together, and I always thought they’d make an interesting pairing.

Loved all the Maxie/Kate stuff today too. They were working well together and flowing nicely. I don’t like it when Kate gets all snarly boss on her, so this lighter side of Kate is good to see. The best part, no Lulu and no Sonny.

Why would Jax tell Kate that Carly’s possibly pregnant? Everyone knows that you should wait til the end of the first trimester to spill the beans, and especially in Carly’s case considering her many miscarriages. And then he’s all, “oh Kate, it’s not confirmed yet, don’t tell anyone”. Well, you should have kept your mouth shut first. Because we all know Kate already told Sonny, who’s gonna come sniffing around at the first chance he gets.