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Young and the Restless: Scoops and Spoilers

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People get ready for some showdowns that are about to go down!

Victor and mini Victor in training Adam fall out of love yet again, when he invites his lady friend Heather to come for a dip at the Newman ranch. At first Ms. Stevens is a bit reluctant (don’t blame her) because Slick Vic can’t stand her for suspecting him in the still unsolved Ji-Min murder investigation. Of course Adam breaks the cardinal rule of loyalty in families especially the Newman household because he chalks it up to her doing her job.

Turns out Adam isn’t as smart as he thinks he is because it all hits the fan when Victor shows up and doesn’t hide his hatred of Heather, going out of his way to be rude and prompts a showdown between father and son. Victor forbids Adam from seeing Heather which prompts Jr. to tell pop that he can’t control his love life. The tiff is an eye opener for junior Newman and makes him a bit jaded on his idolization of The Great Victor Newman. He decides to continue seeing Heather and not dump her.

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I bet Adam wished he listened to his siblings and associates when they warned him about the man. Harvard didn’t teach him that I guess…

Speaking of Victor, he and Paul decide to join forces. Now remember that spoiler I gave about Adam and Heather’s family this could be it or maybe Victor decides to break out his cape and run to Nikki’s rescue.

Chloe’s knocked up (WTF!?) and decides that she wants Cane to be the baby daddy even though he loathes her and has a girl already. Ok when the HELL did Chloe get some in order to be with child and doesn’t that girl know that Cane’s mama Jill and Grandma Kay do NOT play that when it comes to their kin?

Meanwhile the latest Mrs. Newman Sabrina's whole world is about to get even more crazy due to her ex boyfriend showing up to Genoa City to make her life hell.