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Bold and Beautiful: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Donna?

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How do you solve a problem like Donna? How do you catch her in a lie and pin her down? How do you find a word that means harlot? A flibbertijibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A clown!

Apparently the Forrester three think they've found a way to nail Donna by telling their dad that Marcus is her son before she does. Is it wrong that I'm actually enjoying Ron Moss as Ridge in this storyline? For once his role as golden son and prince of Bellair is actually entertaining and doesn't require I grit my teeth in annoyance. It's amazing how Ridge can feel so entitled some times though.

Of course Leslie Kaye and Winsor Harmon shine with what little they're given but I have to ask, would the revelation that Marcus is Donna's son be that much better if we the viewers truly felt that there was something at stake in this storyline?

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If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times. The single worst plot point the Bold and Beautiful has made in recent years was the decision to make Eric's ownership of Forrester Creations iron clad. Imagine if the revelation and the Forrester three's desire to oust Donna and Marcus from the company was being played out as part of one of those "who owns Forrester" storylines the show once excelled at? It would up the level of Logan vs. Forrester and do more to pit the "Real Forresters " (yes I said it) against the "Faux Forresters."

And while we're at it, don't even get me started on the lack of Stephanie's involvement in this storyline. If I have to see another scene where Stephanie just sits around twiddling her thumbs, knitting baby blankets (metaphorically speaking) I think I'll knock myself out like a blind Lorenzo Lamas with a baseball bat. Imagine if Stephanie and the Forrester three were thisclose to getting rid of Donna and then Beth swooped in (to do what I have no clue) and upped the ante some how?

While I'm enjoying this particular storyline, it could be oh so much better.