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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 06.27.08

Spinelli!  I love that kid!  He's explaining to Elizabeth that while the Vixenella may have eyes for Stonecold, it's not reciprocated.  Elizabeth tells Spin that she understands Jason doesn't have feelings for Claudia but she and Jason are not together.  Who's doing the eavesdropping this time?  Jason!  RUMORS say this MAY prompt Jason to take some action.  We will see, we will see...  More on the Jackal!  Do we have another female crushing on the oblivious computer genius?  RUMOR is that Leyla may be feeling the Jackal.  According to RUMORS, Leyla's mom is still coming to GH to stir things up in her daughter's life. 

ZaCrazy wants Claudia to kill Jason, again.  How many times is this crazy man going to ask his daughter to kill Jason?

Scrubs... legal stuff coming.  Patrick SHOULD be giving Robin papers for visitation with the fetus.  From what I am seeing, Robin fans may not like how their girl is being written through all of this.

Night Shift... Early REPORTS assured fans that the storylines on NS and GH would match up.  With two different sets of writers are we sure this is possible?  ONLINE RUMBLINGS have a warning for fans.  Don't expect the two shows to always be on the same page.  My own warning:  We SHOULD have to suspend reality a bit.  Two HUGE characters returning however they won't be on General Hospital?  It's going to be a tough pill to swallow for longtime fans. Billy Dee fans?  He's coming back!  Another thing we learned from the Night Shift promos.  

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Carly's not knocked up.  Look for turmoil in Carly and Jax's marriage and in a possible RUMOR twist, Sonny and Kate may be ok.  We will see.  One thing I do know, Carly has it out for Kate.

Johnny, Ric and Claudia return to the Metro Court today just in time to bump into Mr. Craig.  Jerry's there to level threats in order to get Anthony to back off of Alexis.  He SHOULD be putting a gun to Johnny's head and threaten to blow his brains all over Anthony's wheelchaired lap.


Secrets... we have Kate's, stil no confirmation of that one ever coming out.  We have Logan's and who knows what we'll learn before he kicks the bucket.  Now, there are RUMORS that Lulu may have a secret she's keeping from Johnny.  Memo to the GH Writers:  Please finish up the other secret storylines before you start another one. OK? 

Did you enjoy the Kirsten Storms and Jason Cook reunion? A little unoriginal IMO but I am still giddy with excitement over the possibilities and the hope that these writers won't mess it up.  WORD on the street is that Dr. Matt Hunter will have a past.  EARLY RUMORS said he would be attached to the canvas through family... we will see.  Now, there is some SPECULATION that he MIGHT play a part in the Logan is a drug dealer storyline that was RUMORED yesterday.  Ummm... didn't we just have a drug dealing doc?  You know the guy you had shoot a little boy?  

How its being SPOILED to play out...
Logan wants Matt to be his partner, Maxie and Logan get into it and Lulu sees it all.  Logan knows Lulu saw him going after Maxie. Gee, what will Logan do?  Attack Lulu in attempt to keep her quiet?  Didn't they do this before too?

Before the Spixie fans kill me... I've always said I like Spixie as Best Pals.  Sort of like Jason and Carly.  Although after today, I think I may have to retract that statement.  Spixie may have more time together though. Is Jax giving Spin a job that has him working with the Junior Fashionista? 

Nikolas threatens Claudia one minute and IF the RUMORS are correct, he's sleeping with her the next.
  He's also issuing a warning to Johnny who comes to the dark prince begging him not to tell Lulu about their involvement in Michael's shooting.