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All Soaps: Quote of the Week

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Watching your favorite soap and all of a sudden out of nowhere one of your favorite or least favorite characters lets loose with a quotable zinger? Well we'd love it if you share it with us so that we can all enjoy it whether it be from All My Children or The Young and the Restless or as in my case today from As the World Turns.

Share your quotes (from any soap) by commenting on this thread!

Here is one of my favorites from Wednesday's episode of As the World Turns.

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The Hughes vs. Stewarts umbrella storyline on As the World Turns continues to fascinate me. Last week Kim Hughes telling her son Chris that "You are a Hughes, now start acting like one." was a quotable gem. Then comes this one from Allison Stewart when Chris' brother Tom Hughes is cross examining her in court and he asks her "Are you a virgin?" to which she responded with deadpan delivery.

"You know I'm not."

Now for someone who doesn't watch As the World Turns this may not be that funny. However, for As the World Turns watchers, such as myself, who had to endure the revelation that our sweet little Allison ran off and turned into a meth addicted porn star, it was hilarious.

You see Allison returned to Oakdale and tried to clean up her life by studying to become a nurse and started dating Chris Hughes, a respectable doctor. Unfortunately, as these things often happen, things didn't quite work out the way anyone had intended and now Allison finds herself in the middle of the lawsuit against her ex where Tom Hughes (her ex boyfriend's brother) is trying to get her to drop the case by blackmailing her with one of the porn DVDs she created while addicted to meth.

So what is your favorite quote from this week's shows?