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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I know that I’m supposed to hate Jerry for all the James Craig things that he’s done, and I do, but I love that he’s helping out Alexis. Again, the venom in his voice when he told her he’d help her, made me squee with delight, and grabbing Johnny right in front of the almighty Anthony was quite something.

When I first read the spoiler that Carly was going to say Jason was the baby daddy, I wondered what the heck. Why wouldn’t she say her husband was the father. But as the scene played out, I realized why she said what she said. By saying that she and Jason slept together, long before the CarSon car sex, than there’s no way that Sonny could be the daddy, because it would mean that she would have already been pregnant when it happened. Of course, it would have made more sense to keep Jason out of it and say that Jax is the father by fudging the due date, but then we wouldn’t have soapy soapness. It would also be better if we hadn’t already seen this played out 10 years ago.

Stupid line of the day:

Carly: “You’re definitely not the father”

Sonny: “Then who is?”

Perkie: “Well, there is another candidate here, say, her husband”

I liked the Claudia/Spinelli scene. She treats him like a younger brother (and not in the totally inappropriate, “I want to shove my tongue down your throat” brotherly way she treats Johnny!!!)

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Kate gets the ostrich award. Not wanting to hear what Sonny has to say. I fully expected her to close her eyes, stick her fingers in her ears and be all, “I can’t hear you, la, la, la, la, la”

So, new doctor is annoying and thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Hhhm, haven’t I seen that story played out before? And he’s already gotten into it with Patrick so how long before we find out that he’s Patrick’s half brother that Noah never told him about.

And speaking of Patrick, I’m seriously tired of everyone pooping all over him. Elizabeth, Epiphany, Robin ad nauseum and now Anna. Enough already. Yes, he’s been a jerk of a boyfriend and yes, he wasn’t interested in being a father, but now he is and he’s trying to help her and he’s being treated like crap. As much as I love Scrubs and want them to succeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got tired of the way he’s being treated and would leave Robin high and dry. She’d have no one to blame but herself, even though she’d see it as validation for what she’s been saying all these months.

Loved the Diane/Jason conversation regarding Carly. Especially this little exchange:

Jason: “Did Carly say she had a plan?”

Diane: “That’s what it sounded like. How did you know?”

Jason: “Because it’s been awhile since she’s had one”