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Young and Restless: Adam and Heather Bring the Heat, Victor Brings Magic Sperm

Hi gang at Cheers! (I've always wanted to say that). Well, I am semi-settled in Atlanta and back in the land of the techno-capable and let me just say I have more than missed you guys here at Daytime Confidential! I've been able to visit a bit during the podcasts via cell phone, but my ability to blog has been on par with Hulk Hogan's family's to show remorse these past few weeks.


Anyhoo I am back and raring to talk soap! This weekend I will be providing a  few of my observations on the World-O-Suds over the past few weeks. Forgive me if some of these topics have been discussed as I haven't had time to go back and see what's what. First up is The Young and the Restless.

The Good

I must admit that I have only caught bits and pieces of Y&R while moving, but instead of going for the obvious-what I don't like-I'll start with what I am liking about the show. I must admit Heather and Adam's get-to-know you (sometimes biblically) sessions are intriguing. Their chemistry is steady,  promising and hot. Not bring-out-the-ice-cubes-strawberries-and-dice-hot (hey you do four play your way, I'll do it my way!) but still hot just the same. I buy these two overachieving misfits with daddy issues bonding over a cup of joe at Crimson Lights and/or over back freckles in Heather's suite.

The Bad


When we last discussed Gloria, I told you how I was starting to feel sorry for the shameless, gold digging, scenery-chewing, murderous matriarch, but of course I spoke and/or typed too soon. It was too much to believe TPTB would wisely backburner Gloria a bit following her downfall in order to refocus this once great show around its core characters. Instead we can now look forward to a front burner, second marriage for Gloria and Gary Ewing's evil twin's twin with Little Richard officiating. Look closely at your monitors, can you see my joy?

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The Asinine or Oh how I LOVE when a soap totally disregards history!

Sabrina, who I swear any minute will pull out a magic wand with a crystal ball attached, proving once and for all that she is Evil-Lynn from the old He-Manand the Masters of the Universe cartoon, announced to Victor that he was once again going to be a father.


Now how did Victor react you might ask? Did he a.) Burst into hysterical giggles and tell her "Silly Sabrina, tricks are for kids! I'm shooting blanks. b.) Call up Ashley in SoCal and ask "Hey what's the big idea? I thought you used the last batch of my love juice for Abby? What are you selling vials on ebay?" or c.) Did he giggle and fart in Frenchican about the new bundle of joy as if Y&R never embarked on not one, but two storylines that saw the Great Mustache getting snipped?

If Y&R really wanted to do a storyline with Bree Bree bearing a new Newman, why not at least have them discuss reversing the vasectomy beforehand, which would have no doubt enraged Victoria and Nikki and have provided a nod to history since it was Nikki who convinced Victor to put his little swimmers out to farm last time? Oh well, that would be "too much like right" as my grandma used to say!

The Future???

Everywhere I turn I keep hearing that this summer on Y&R will be "explosive" and I'm not talking about falling parking garages or what happens when Brad Carlton kills someone with the sheer might of his inner thighs. My pal Nelson keeps encouraging me to be patient, but it's hard. I've watched this soap from the womb, hell I was conceived to either Nadia's Theme or Mac Carey talking about that dag blasted sand through that hourglass, so I admit I expect a lot more out of Y&R and Days than other soaps and while Salem is once again a place I love to visit, Y&R is still a ghost town for this viewer.

Where is Jack's singular and throughline-supported drive to reclaim Jabot and his father's legacy?  Where is the longing and passionate looks between Victor and Nikki, even when they can't be together?  Where are the rich, well-written portrayals of fully-realized African-Americans? Oh yeah, on All My Children, who ever woulda thunk it? With ratings for the once unstoppable super soap falling by the minute I can only hope that this summer does prove to be one to remember in Genoa City.