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ADONIS 2008 @ (Finals Week 2)

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So who are you voting for this week in the ADONIS 2008 finals at

Jake Silbermann is out now and it's almost time to see who's next. As each guy gets eliminated his votes generally get spread out to others. But who will reap the rewards of those votes? That's what this poll will help us figure out. So as always, vote here so we can see how the Daytime Confidential readers are voting, then head over to vote in the real ballot. The rules are the same, you can only vote once, and it is a ranking system. So rank the guys from 1 to 11 with 1 as your first pick and 11 being your last. Then leave a comment and you just might get a shout out in the live results chat. That chat is still at it's regular time Wednesday 10pmEST/7pmPST in the chat room.

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Hope to see ya'll there!!