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Days of Our Lives: Preview from Denial Island

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It's going to be a shortish preview this week (June 30 - July 2) as Days of Our Lives has been pre-empted on Thursday (3rd) and Friday (4th) for the tennis at Wimbledon. Just a reminder, Frances Reid will not be appearing for the July 4th episodes this week, the veteran actress who plays Alice Horton was unable to make it when taping took place. Here's hoping that there is nothing wrong with the actress, and that we'll see her in December instead for the Horton Family Christmas. On with this week's preview...


Brady Family July 4th Party
Doug and Julie are onscreen for the Brady 4th July party, and make sure you tune in to see these two, they are dressed up in full party colors... that's right, stars, stripes, blue white and red... if it's American, they're wearing it! So awesome!! They learn that their step-granddaughter Chelsea is dating an older man... here's hoping they get to meet Dr McHottie before passing judgement.

Jawn's July 4th Party
So Jawn decides to have his own 4th July celebration, but it seems there's more interest in his disk of memories than having actual fun. That disk is causing Jawn more trouble than it's worth; on one shoulder he has Ava advising him to get rid of it, and the other is Marlena, advising him to find out what's on it. Does it remind you of having a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other too? I'll let you decide who is who LOL. Ava decides to solve the issue for Jawn, by stealing the disk and having it destroyed (along with the lab). Methinks Marlena isn't going to be too happy with this turn of events... but Ava's decided she's going after her man, and she can't do that if he turns back into boring old John. Me? I'm quite happy for Jawn to stay around a bit longer, but I do feel sorry for Marlena. For the love of the soap gods though, DO NOT LET ROTOX COMFORT HER!!

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EJ, Sami, Nicole, Lucas, Chloe
Another memo to the writers at Days, can I just say I REALLY DON'T LIKE THE STORYLINE you're giving us for these characters this week. The EJami fan in me wants to hurl, and the Samantha fan in me wants to give the poor girl a big ole hug... and then slap some sense into her! *sigh* Samantha overhears Jawn asking EJ how long he's planning to keep Sami in the dark about their annulment being valid. Sami busts in and lets EJ have it. While they're there, EJ also owns up to the whole immigration issue being a set up as well, and it seems that's the last straw for the blonde, she throws her wedding ring back at EJ - but then, in true manic style, she also admits that she has feelings for the Brit (talk about schizo, what are you doing to Sami, writers?). To drown his sorrows, EJ meets up with Nicole and they go back to her hotel, but unfortunately they both get stuck in the elevator, when an electrical blackout hits Salem. Unbeknownst to them, Lucas and Chloe are also stuck in a similar situation (ie. a different elevator) and I'll wait until next week to tell you what happens. Let's just say, Chloe is a little claustrophobic and needs distracting, I'm sad to say Nicole and EJ do not have the same excuse.

In Other, Boring Storylines
Morgan keeps up her crusade to fast become the most annoying person on my screen by continually whining about her missing father Paul, who still hasn't washed ashore since being dumped in the river last week. Being the gentleman he is, Philip lends a comforting shoulder. Max and Trent continue their dance of dislike for each other, but this week Trent asks Max to keep their relationship a secret (too late, half the Brady's know, which means the rest of Salem soon will too) while Max keeps questioning Trent over the identity of the girl in the photo he stole the other week.

Coming Up Next Week (July 7 - 11)
Lucas gets arrested after being rescued from the elevator (um... yes, house arrest... getting caught out of the house = back to jail... doesn't it??). Philip discovers what went on between Lucas and Chloe in the elevator and is not happy - and to that end, neither is Sami. Chelsea starts a new storyline with a career path - an occupational therapist at the child development center at the hospital (I see much interaction with Theo on the horizon).

Until next week, I hope you all have a great 4th July, and happy Days watching!

Thanks to Chit Chat Haven for the pic from last years 4th July celebration