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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jerry, the Lansings and the Zacharras; throughout that whole scene, I kept wondering who we’re supposed to be rooting for. I mean, I was rooting for Jerry, only because he’s come to Alexis’ defence, but if you look at it objectively, you’ve got Jerry Jacks, known sociopath, the Zacharra’s, father, daughter and son mob and the Lansings, lawyers to the mob, who’s hands aren’t the cleanest. The only one in that room, slightly innocent of anything is Johnny and he doesn’t get a total pass, since he knows about Claudia’s involvement with Micheal’s shooting. So, as a viewer, should you root for mob boy, being held at gunpoint by the sociopath, or the sociopath out to give a message to mob dad? Interesting dilemma, no?!

I thought it was dumb of Claudia to offer herself up instead of Johnny. I fully expected Anthony to be all, ‘yeah take her, cuz she’s a girl, with girl parts and girls are icky with cooties’. So glad Jerry expressed what I was thinking:

Jerry: “Why would I take you? No one here cares if you live or die”

And I hated Anthony’s whole, “Alexis is a woman ruled by emotions”, like somehow because she’s got ovaries, that’s why Johnny was arrested. I was glad to see Ric get pissed off even though Anthony shot him down rather quickly with the whole, “I was just joking”, bull crap. Yeah, threatening a small child is such a hoot. Crazy old man.

And, as much as I love Ric, I was annoyed when he showed up at Alexis’, all pissed because she had the nerve to unleash “Mr Craig” on the Zachara’s. Hey Ric honey, you let Anthony out of the crazy house, now the people of Port Charles have to defend themselves the best way they know how.

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I loved that Nikolas also came to Alexis’ defence by going straight to Claudia and threatening to expose her little secret to Jason if she doesn’t get daddy to back off. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize that Claudia doesn’t have any pull when it comes to her daddy, mostly because of those previously mentioned girl parts!! I did wonder though if that was the smartest move on Nik’s part, because, what would prevent Claudia from permanently shutting him up?

Patrick/Anna: Glad to see Patrick stand up for himself and explain where’s he’s coming from, and Anna did her best to explain why Robin is the way she is, and I was glad to see Elizabeth try to talk some sense into Robin, but that girl is stubborn and I don’t think she’ll soften that quickly.

Line of the day:

Robin: “Patrick doesn’t even want to be a father”

Liz: “I think you’re the only one who still thinks that”

Some good LuSam scenes, despite being all. about. Lulu. Gee, have there been enough anvils of Lulu being "exactly like her mother"? First Maxie now Lucky.

And speaking of Maxie, i don't like that she was kind of flirty with Dr. Annoying. I want my Spixie darn it!

Jason/Carly: I was glad to see that he wasn’t going to lie for her if the test had been positive and I was annoyed that she was practically skipping out of the room once the test came back negative, like now, she can keep her dirty little secret. And for once, I wondered what exactly Jason gets out of their relationship. Loved Jax questioning Carly about the possibility that Sonny might be the daddy. CarJax are going to implode and it ain’t gonna be pretty. I’m putting money on Carly accusing Jax of spending time with Kate. Who’s with me?!!