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ADONIS 2008 Week 1 Finals Results!!

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Well everyone...once again I apologize for the delay in my blog, but I'm here now with the first finals week's results for  the ADONIS 2008 competition at!!

Soapy once again started the chat with reading comments from the voters for each of the guys and letting us know if they were safe or if they were in this week's bottom 3. When all was said and done the bottom three ended up being Jake Silbermann (Noah Mayer - As the World Turns), Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby - Young and the Restless), and Mark Lawson (Brody Lovett - One Life to Live). There were some Daniel Goddard fans there who were none too happy with this result, however most were not surprised since all three were wildcard pick finalists.

As always Soapy tortured us with a break and then announced which hottie had received the least amount of votes and was thus out of the competition. Fortunately for the Daniel Goddard fans he was announced as safe. Mark Lawson fans were given a reprieve as well as he was announced safe too. A couple of us were a little disappointed that we didn't get our Soapy breakdown he would have had if Lawson had been booted, but were happy for him none the less. But for all the Nuke fans they weren't as lucky as the first guy voted out of the competition was Jake Silbermann.

Jake was chosen by one of the judges as their wildcard pick last week, and some had high hopes for him representing the ever so popular Nuke pairing in the competition. But as a wildcard pick, and not the one the public voted in, he had one shot against him to begin with. There are a few who really wanted to see him go far in this competition but never fear there's always next year. As for this one Silbermann's run as a contender for ADONIS 2008 has come to an end.

So for everyone else, your hottie is still in the running so check out the poll I'll be putting up after this and then make sure you go vote at!!

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