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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 07.01.08


Scrubs Stuff!  Well really, Noah and Patrick stuff.  Grandpa Drake is popping back in to GH just in time to tell his son he doesn't think Patrick is daddy material.  Will it bring up some long ago buried father-son issues?  You bet!  Both Noah and Anna will be in court with their children.  Rick Springfield returns on July 7th!  Patrick's testimony will have Robin changing her mind.

We need to change his name from the Jackal to Captain Oblivious.  Spinelli doesn't catch on that Leyla is crushing on him.  Who else is oblivious?  Maxie!  We knew that already but RUMORS say Lulu tells Maxie to open her eyes and see that Spinelli is in love with her.

Liason Fans... I feel your pain.  I'm right there with you in my Liason Love.  All I can say is keep taking those little moments we're getting.  I'm still hearing our patience will pay off towards the end of the month.  Anthony being made aware of Elizabeth's importance to Jason was not for nothing.  It's a plot point that I am hearing will be re-visited.  All those paternity reveal RUMORS?  What's going on?  While at first it was SPOILED that Jake's true daddy is revealed, it may not be to everyone in PC.  I am hearing that a few more people will learn the truth. There are only a few people who don't know the truth! 

Trouble for Carly and Jax.  It's already started with the little bit of "advice" Sonny gave Jax.  He won't be happy with Carly and jax knows his wife will become obsessed with stopping Kate and Sonny's weddding.


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Someone sends Elizabeth flowers.  Who?  RUMORS say ZaCrazy.  Hmmm... it seems he MIGHT not have forgotten about the Nurse after all.  Some say it's Lucky sending Elizabeth flowers and in a RUMOR TWIST, it could be Matt sending the flowers as there are RUMORS that the new doc takes an interest in the single nurse.  IF the Matt STUFF is true, it's really nothing.  Much like Leo's interest in Elizabeth.  IF it's Lucky sending the bouquet, I would imagine it has to do with faking a reconciliation. 

The drug storyline may be picked back up... through Nikolas' clinic.

Remember the money being moved in Ian's accounts?  Well it looks like it MAY be Dr. Matt Hunter doing the moving.  Will he approach Jerry Jacks about his past dealings with Dr. Devlin?


Claudia's secret?  Remember that one?  Yet another secret we haven't found out, yet.  If the RUMORS are true, we may learn what Claudia's been hiding.  Who is she telling?  Well RUMORS say Sonny.  Claudia MAY be telling Sonny that she slept with Trevor! 

Robin weighing in on Sonny's upcoming nuptials?  RUMORS say she'll question her friend's motives.

Does Jason need Sonny?  As an alibi?

Sorry I am so late today and that I never posted yesterday.   Had a few things pop up.