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Did Days Tank its Autism Story by Playing the Reveal Offscreen?

Days of Our Lives is getting a lot of press these days for its decision to embark on a very un-Salemlike (read: sans microchips, memories on CD or the like) medical storyline featuring Theo, the young son of Abe and Lexie Carver, be being diagnosed with Autism. The storyline was inspired by the real life diagnosis of headwriter Dena Higley's son with the disorder years earlier.


What has soap critics like TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco scratching their heads is the fact that the reveal or "money shot" as Nelson calls it, happened offscreen. According to Nelson in his latest column, this sinks the storyline before it even begins, as well as denies long backburnered Days vets James Reynolds and Renee Jones their opportunity to shine as performers.

What do you think? Since we didn't see Abe and Lexie first learn their son had a disorder that would change all of their lives onscreen is the storyline already dead in the water or will it still be worth it to see where Days goes with this story?

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