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Young and Restless: Nikki Newman, Dreamcrusher

July is here once again which means we're in the middle of summer. The weather's nice the beaches are packed, barbeque's are in abundance, Independence Day is on the horizon and, its time for the All-American turf war with the current and former wives of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) on The Young and the Restless.


Sabrina Newman ( Raya Meddine) had that air about her now that she's married to Genoa City's billionare that all his women have. However the mogul's true love Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), was able to burst her bubble and bring her down to earth.

Notice I saidhad...  Just because she's married to Mr. Moneybags, as Jack (Peter Bergman) loves to call him, doesn't mean that she has the, "Victor Newman power."

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She cracked me up when she was acting like now that she's a Newman she can make people jump through hoops I mean the line she spouted to Katherine today, "I'm a Newman now and that's what Newmans do." Girl please! It was true before with Nikki but not with this heifer.

As much as she's made the lives of her former husband and his current flavor of the month a living hell we all can agree that this version of Nikki isn't even trying to make waves in Victor's marriage. She's to busy dealing with her own. The look on Sabrina's face when Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) told her that Nikki does the charity ball every year but wasn't able to do so this year because of issues she's facing had me doing a double take. Its as if Sabrina was reveling in Nikki's refusal to co-chair that ball was all about her.  Kay's face was priceless because she's giving her that look like, "Honey your only a May-December romance for my dear friend Victor and its off to Nikki once again." I just wished Y&R's music department had queued up Carly Simon's, "Your So Vein," because vanity thy name is Sabrina.

As much magic Victor cast on Nikki, it can't erase the street chick beneath her Von Furstenburg dresses and Prada power suits. Sabrina needs to realize she's no match for Nikki and by trying to throw her marriage to Victor in her face, it will only awaken and sleeping beast. I do admire Sabrina though for trying to get to the root of the issue with Nikki but then she tossed out the line, "I feel it would be much better for the family if you'd reconsider," it made me say, "Girl who do you think you are Tony Soprano?" If Sabrina can't get Victoria to speak to her what in the world makes her think she can have mommy dearest relent? She got a huge reality check cashed today.

Take heed Sabrina, when you said your not Nikki and Mrs. Newman Chow replied simply, "Oh no you are not, " she wasn't trying to be flip, well maybe a little. She was letting you know that you can never throw that Newman name around and expect people flocking to you because they are fearful of the consequences. That's only reserved for Nikki and she's letting you know that she's drawing the line in the sand if you mess with her.

Seems like Maria Bell's bringing Y&R back to basics and its about damn time if you asked me.